Fig.3 AgNOR staining with peripheral blood lymphocytes. . The technical aspect of AgNOR staining procedure should be carefully dealt with. Attention should. Conclusions: AgNOR staining can be considered as a useful adjunct to adjunct procedures which can diagnose malignancy at the earliest. Silver staining results are comparable to those obtained. [A standardized AgNOR stain method for formalin fixed and paraffin embedded .. to be a good adjunct to presently available frozen section techniques and cytology.

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This difference is significance.

AgNOR staining and quantification.

We conclude that modified AgNOR staining technique is simple, quick and reliable to evaluate cell proliferation by detecting AgNORs size and dispersion. Nuclei should be visible without phase contrast.

Comparison of mean AgNOR count, size, and distribution per cell between in different lesions. Improvement in the staining and the visualization of the argyrophilic proteins of the prcoedure organizer region at the optical level.

Patterns of argyrophilic nucleolar organiser regions in pleural and peritoneal effusions. AgNOR dots size and dispersion are clearly visible. Received Aug 12; Accepted Nov Jpn J Human Genet 25, Cell proliferation procddure, morphometry and DNA flow cytometry provide objective criteria for distinguishing low and high grade bladder carcinomas.

The AgNORs were visualized as brown black discrete dots of variable size within the nuclei. For storage, leave the slide on the bench until all the xylene has evaporated, remove the coverslip carefully and put slide in a box.


The results lrocedure in accordance with previous reports in multiple myeloma Pich et al. In future, AgNOR size and dispersion should be considered rather sgnor the count only. A number of studies carried out in different tumour types demonstrated that malignant cells frequently present a greater AgNOR protein amount than corresponding non-malignant cells.

These parameters should be correlated with the already established but expensive techniques of AgNOR area and size imaging by electron microscopy and flow cytometry, as an economical alternative Khan et al.

AgNOR staining and quantification.

Re-apply xylene if it dries out. If necessary apply another drop of silver qgnor solution on top. AgNOR size and dispersion may be more important than counting alone: Two investigators without knowledge of the method of AgNOR stain, tumour type, grade, stage, or disease outcome, performed the AgNOR counts, size and distribution. Nucleolus organizing region activity.

Int J Exp Pathol. We recommend the use of morphometry for AgNOR size in future.

Two counts were performed. A histopathological study on bone marrow trephine biopsies. The objective was to compare the different staining techniques used for AgNOR and to determine the best method. Haematoxylin and eosin staining All the sections were stained for Haematoxylin and eosin by two competent histopathologists using the technique by Bukhari et al.

Support Center Support Center.

Modified method of AgNOR staining for tissue and interpretation in histopathology

There was moderate to high variation in the size of AgNOR dots in high grade astrocytoma stwining 1. Mix well and put in a plastic syringe with a millipore filter. Cloths and lab benches are normally soiled for life.


Over the past 12 years, the “AgNOR method” has been applied in tumour pathology for both diagnostic and prognostic purposes. The quantity of silver nitrate adequate to proceeure the number of slide in a particular batch was used.

Alternatively, you can examine the slides directly with immersion oil. Role of bioenergy of specific soil SiO 2 of madina munawra on chemically carcinogenesis in albino mice by protecting mutation of p Nucleolar and argyrophilic nucleolar organizer region counts in urothelial carcinomas with special emphasis on grade II tumors.

Spontaneous in vitro neoplastic evolution of cultures Chinese hamster cells. These counts sgaining high in all 40 cases of astrocytoma of grades I—IV and normal in normal brain tissue 0. Incubate in agnir moist chamber at C until golden brown about h. The present paper discusses the main technical aspects of Pocedure silver-staining, and critically evaluates the methods commonly employed for AgNOR protein quantification in routine cyto-histopathology.

In situ Hybridization Methods protocols. Ultra pure distilled water was used for preparation of all solutions. Their size and number reflect nucleolar and cell proliferative activity of tumours Derenzini et al.