In modelling was apparently still popular enough for Airfix to publish an Airfix Catalogue – – English (collection Arie Lodder) What’s new at WWW. Airfix other in scale No, Twelfth Edition is a NEW tool released in | Contents, Reviews, History + Marketplace | Catalogues. However, I did pick up several of the early light blue catalogue leaflets but I . It was reprinted in June and a small “R” was stamped next to the price.

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Airfix Catalogues

Inside were photos and boxtops of 21 new models inc. The prices had also been increased. The insides were 195 in shades of blue.

In one of each I have a separate insert with new prices on and these were both reproduced in CS This article last appeared in “Constant Scale” No 33 – It still stated over kits, but no mention ccatalogue made of glue in series 3, 4, 5 and 6 kits see CS Printed in Januarythe Type 5 logo was used inside but not on the covers.

It was also numbered PL A blue price list, identical in size to the B one was issued with it, number P. Printed in Januarythere were two Price List leaflets, the 1 st and 2 nd Editions, neither of which bore catalogue numbers.

It had slightly revised prices see CS19 but no new models and one or two asterixes dropped. The 1 st edition still appears in kit adverts in Airfix Magazine until Decemberwhen the 3 rd Edition was announced!


It may have also been included in the last 2 nd editions sold. I have a third variant which does not have a price on it but was printed in January It was announced in Airfix Magazine for September The six page fold-out leaflet measured mms by mms, slightly larger than the ones.

12th Edition Catalogue

This was the first of the full-size catalogues at mms by mms. Only one leaflet was produced, the 1 st Edition. However, I aitfix pick up several of the early light blue catalogue leaflets but I cannot say for certain whether they were included in the catalogue.

It featured the 1: Cataolgue were no less than five leaflets issued, three price lists and two supplements. There were two leaflets, the 1 st Edition and 2 nd also It is basically a supplement showing only the the releases plus a few released in late and was not a full catalogue as such. Oddly the Golden Hind is not listed in either leaflet despite being in the catalogue.

Airfix Catalogue 12th ed 1975

This was issued in early and cost 9d 3. An orange version vatalogue prices was issued, plus one with Woolworths on. All the leaflets were the same size A4. Inside was a new four page leaflet in yellow mms by mmsslightly larger than the blue ones.


There were four pages in full colour showing made-up models and boxtops of 41 models not shown in the 5 th edition catalogue. Two blue price lists were issued, each showing the B model. Catxlogue cover kits, with the exception of the Pan-Am were all in the catalogue.

Airfix Catalogue 12th Ed by Bernie Walsh | Photobucket

The layout of the rest of the catalogue was different to the previous ones but was still in black and white. It was being sold with wirfix 1 st Edition catalogue so I believe it must be the first of two price lists for the 1 st edition.

One without the price 9175one with the price second? Page size was now mms by mms. As far as I can tell it was unaltered from the 1 st but contained separate price increase inserts see CS Two colour leaflets were also issued.

There were two issues, one with prices and one without. There were three issues in all which only had minor variations in them.

PL was printed in January and there were two versions, one with prices and one without. Printed in Decemberit stated: It was based on the first issue.