Vol 13, No 2 (): Islamic Economics. PEMERIKSAAN FRAUD DALAM AKUNTANSI FORENSIK DAN AUDIT INVESTIGATIF. Sayyid, Annisa. Judul: AKUNTANSI FORENSIK DAN AUDIT INVESTIGATIF. Pengarang: Theodorus M. Tuanakotta. Penerbit: Salemba Empat. Cetakan Ke: Jil. 1. Pengertian Akuntansi Forensik Pengertian Akuntansi Forensik Pengertian akuntan forensik. Mahasiswa Mahasiswa Forensic Acctg = Audit Investigatif?.

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Metode Praktis Penelitian Deskriptif Kualitatif. International Journal of Auditing, 20 11— Evidence from South Korea. Prosedur Penelitian Suatu Pendekatan Praktik.

Article Tools Print this article. Jurnal Riset Akuntansi dan Auditing.

Forensic Accounting vs Audit Investigative

Journal of Information Systems, 27 2 No Good Deed Goes Unpunished? Jurnal Akuntansi Multiparadigma, 5 3 Email the author Login required. The purpose of this study is to explore and analyze: Audit Quality and Corporate Governance: Keywords accountability akuntabilitas akuntansi asimetri informasi corporate governance corporate social responsibility csr etika fenomenologi fraud gaya kepemimpinan gender kinerja manajemen laba nilai perusahaan pendidikan akuntansi phenomenology profitabilitas spiritualitas tri hita karana ukuran perusahaan.

Can Avatars Fight Fraud? The analytical method used is descriptive qualitative methods that examines the participants perspective and some informations from the key informan through in-depth interviews and additional questions instrument by using purposive sampling, then make data triangulation obtained sources and collection techniques for analysis interactively by reducing, displaying in the form of a narrative texts, tables, matrix, charts, and then drawn invetsigasi conclusion.


Evaluating the Intentionality of Can Misstatements: Metode yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalah studi kasus.

Those practicing fraud or mismanagement should be penalized and those who are ethical in managing this fund shall be rewarded for their credibility and good value which is to ensure the effectiveness and efficiency of managing those funds for the benefit of the society. Grand Teton Candy Company: Paying for Joint or Single Audits? Issues in Accounting Education, 31 3investtigasi International Journal of Fkrensik, 19 2— Jurnal Administrasi Bisnis, 4 114— Ash Shiddieqy, Teungku Muhammad Hasbi.

The results of research and analysis states that forensic accounting is lnvestigasi and effective function to be applied to the fraud prevention preventive in the local financial management through the FCP, SPIP and SIMDA; forensic accounting is also applicable and effective function to be applied to the fraud detection detective in the local financial management through Operational Audit, Audit of Government goods and services Procurement Probity AuditEDP Audit: How Institutional Pressures Shape Practice.

PT Pustaka Rizki Putra. Current Issues in Auditing, 10 sudit The Accounting Review, 90 3 Issues in Accounting Education, 23 4 A literature review on various types of fraud since the early era of Islam were identified and discussed.

Hal ini dilatarbelakangi kontroversi LHPKKN yang dibuat oleh auditor negara dalam persidangan tindak pidana korupsi sebagai bukti dokumen dalam pengadilan tipikor. The Psychology and Sociology of Fraud: The method used in this research is case study.


The Beneficial Role of Order Effects. Insights from the Health Service in England. All of audit evidence can not be used as legal evidence. The Accounting Review, 88 1 Abacus, 49 4— Tujuan penelitian ini adalah mengungkap bagaimana aparat penegak hukum memaknai bukti audit dalam mengungkap korupsi. Big Data as Complementary Audit Evidence.

W01_Silabus Akuntansi Forensik S-1

The Islamic Criminal Law Perspectives. The Accounting Review, 90 1 This study reveals that fraud led to the rights of recipients being denied, wastage, inefficiency and rampant white collar crime if left unchecked.

Computer Forensic, and Whistleblowers System; and the Audit Investigative very applicable and effective function to be applied to the fraud investigation repressive in the local financial management through investigative forenzik, in order to calculate losses of the state financial audits, and the provision of expert witness. Uncovering Corruption through Audits into Evidence under the Law.

Anti Korupsi dan Integritas. Issues in Accounting Education, 26 1 Hence, the study proposes several treatments in minimizing fraud.