Absolution Gap (spoilers!) Warning: this page has many spoilers for Revelation Space, Chasm City, Redemption Ark and Absolution Gap by Alastair Reynolds. Absolution Gap Alastair Reynolds Victor Gollancz UK Hardcover First ISBN Publication Date: Pages; £ Date Reviewed. Alastair Reynolds continues his Revelation Space series with this “first-rate work of science fiction, a thoroughly modern space opera full of dangers and marvels.

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Spoilers 28 May 03, Ironic, an exposition free ending on a super powerful old force in the galaxy after many hundreds of pages of profuse exposition on everything future reynoolds.

Or maybe this Absolution: Instead, without straying too far into spoiler agp, let me just say that despite all those pages to work with, the story basically refused to satisfy any of the following questions: I will read more of Alastair Reynolds books but this one I cannot recommend.

It makes us look back and see how flimsy some of the plotlines were, how implausible some of the characters and actions. The Shadows only information available about the Shadows comes from themselevs, and should not be considered particularly reliable.

It starts leaving you with a lot of questions. Is the whole thing like that? Well one of the Ultras in this book goes there. How is one to evaluate a series if one does not know the conclusion?

ABSOLUTION GAP – Alastair Reynolds (2003)

The Inhibitors had kept them in check, but without the Inhibitors, the Greenfly are now out of control. Trivia About Absolution Gap. The book by itself is easy to follow though. Could stay up all night The last half of the story was engagement city. Reynolds is able to create worlds, cities, and societies that have a history the reader can feel but need to actually read about in the hundred or so books that Reynolds could clearly write about the background.


Discover what to read next. If humanity can create such weapons, why only 40? Submit a new link. The whole book is about humanity going on a quest for a Deus Ex Machina. Those pages pay off here as events on Ararat lead towards an inescapable conclusion. It was a major step down in Redemption Ark but the scope of what was going on made it up for me. To me the sudden disappointment, synchronized with their solution to the inhibitors. Solid, fact-based scientific speculation has been a hallmark of each of the works in Reynolds’ series.

At first I was a little disappointed by the low key ending, but after a couple of days I find this perfectly human ending, very appropriate and satisfying. What Reynolds manages to do exceptionally well is build a believable story of us humans being among the stars in a few centuries, very realistic yet totally weird and fantastic and a bit gothic at the same time, with science that might come to pass, weird and fantastic too.

I don’t want to say too much about the ending because I don’t want to hide behind the spoiler function in this review, but in essence I agree with other reviewers’ cries of “deus ex machina!

Weighing a pig doesn’t fatten it. But do your self a favour and finish the series with the bleak ending of humanity in Galactic North. Possibly they know what the Shadows really want, perhaps from messages from their own descendants at the time the Shadows are signalling the Scuttlers or others and know that it would be bad in some way.

The ship Nostaligia for Infinity, the redemption ark, has found rest on its Ararat – the Pattern Juggler world where the refugees from Resurgum are hiding out from The Inhibitors.


ABSOLUTION GAP – Alastair Reynolds () | Weighing a pig doesn’t fatten it.

The prominence of “Redemption” for many of the characters is handled both interestingly and with care. The image of the cathedral walking off the cliff absolition the bridge was destroyed was to me a perfect encapsulation of one of my least favorite traits in a lot of Alastair Reynold’s characters.

I just started book 5. From a slow start, Reynolds’s plot rapidly builds momentum, hurtling to a stunning conclusion.

When Vasko should shine, he timidly fades into the background. Rdynolds last pages had me completely enthralled. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. Want to add to the discussion? Church records show the disappearances are slowly increasing in frequency and duration. Rashmika Elsa year-old girl, leaves her home xlastair Hela to search for her long-lost brother Harbin, who left to join the Cathedrals years before.

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I’m moving on to some standalones by Reynolds, and hope they’re tighter and more focused, because his ideas are amazing. However, Skade has kidnapped her from Khouri’s womb. Mar 03, Lorelei rated it it was ok Shelves: Notify me of new comments via email.

If they are “a lot like us” then from that set they were probably humans, successful in the teynolds against the Inhibitors but unable to defeat the Greenfly.