The Library at Night [Alberto Manguel] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Inspired by the process of creating a library for his fifteenth- century. Inspired by the process of creating a library for his fifteenth-century home near the Loire, in France, Alberto Manguel, the acclaimed writer on books and readi. If many bibliophiles will share Alberto Manguel’s assertion that the acquisition and ordering of his library has “kept me sane”, they will also.

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People began talking excitedly and it transpired that they were heading to Alexandra for discussions on the fhe library. He understands your frustrat Alberto Manguel understands you.

My reading must not be confined by schedules. In a similar fashion, the identity of a society, or a national identity, can be mirrored by a library, by an assembly of titles that, practically and symbolically, serves as our collective definition.

It is imperative that I state you should dismiss my mxnguel when it comes to Manguel.

Re-opening it is a resurrection of ideas – an intellectual miracle. The Library as Mind His library reflects the configuration of his mind. We use a modified Library of Congress classification. It was a wonderful sight to see the red carpet like that. We used to browse through the second-hand book shops in Charing Cross Road from the time I was in my teens and more or less up until his death, depending whether I was in the country or not at the time.

The Library at Night by Alberto Manguel

I, alberfo one, will worship at that altar. This was my first lesson in the concrete importance of library aesthetics. You will be inspired to embrace the reasons that you read. In the midst of my book-slump, I just read a page book about libraries. What varies is not the proportions of these two groups of humanity, but the way in which different societies regard the book and the art of reading.


My Reading Chair where all the magic happens. Still, as a general but also very personal library-tour-book it is certainly worthwhile, and offers sufficient rewards for anyone who is bookishly inclined. May mangjel, Jeffrey Keeten rated it it was amazing Shelves: Old School Tobias Wolff.

The Library at Night

The splendidly cosmopolitan Library of this reader will, in turn, also ensure that the whole world is present right there. Start your free trial.

This is why I’ll keep returning to him and will impress on others to do the same. This reader accepts that Libraries are not, never will be, used by everyone. Some of his tangents seem hardly to fit within the broader chapter heading.

On the threshold I strip off my muddy, sweaty, workday clothes, and put on the robes of court and palace, and in this graver dress I enter the antique courts of the ancients and am welcomed by them, and there I taste the food that alone is mine, for which I was albero.

Warmed by the pools of light that spill from his lamps, he does not even need to read: Please update your billing details here. How will we order our books. The Vatican library is founded in Rome. Open Preview See a Problem? As for the new library of Alexandria, talks began in the 70s to build it and it finally reopened in October There appear to be various interpretations of the burning of the library but the following seems to be the most likely: His smooth head is rubbed by my hand almost every time I enter my library.


Manguel describes some of the better-known comprehensive literary temples, livrary as the British Library, as well alerto efforts such as the Carnegie-libraries, but also mentions the Colombian ‘Biblioburro’-effort to bring books to “the farthest corners of the country” for which: Aug 04, Jenny Reading Envy rated it it was amazing Shelves: The world’s oldest surviving book, a woodblock-printed version of The Diamond Sutra, is made in China.

In particular, in light of recent janguel on various reviews and reviewing sites, I think anyone who has followed those you want to call them, should read this book.

He recounts stories of Inspired by creating a library for his ngiht home near the Loire, in France, the author tours from his childhood bookshelves to the Internet, from Ancient Egypt and Greece nihgt the Arab world, from China and Rome to Google.

The Library at Night by Alberto Manguel | The Times

To someone standing outside, in the garden, th This is the best book to finish the year with. Behind me I have a large copy I wish I could say I have the original. Hardcoverpages. Gives examples of great library buildings, including that ablerto Michelangelo at San Lorenzo in Florence for the Medici collection. It may be that there is no book, however well written, that can remove an ounce of pain from the tragedy of Iraq or Rwanda, but it may also be that there is no book, however foully written, that does not allow an epiphany for its destined reader.