This site includes Titus Burckhardt’s biography, photos, film clips about him, or Sufism, and ends with an inspired description of “spiritual alchemy”, or the. This is the complete text of “Insight into Alchemy”, an essay by Titus Burckhardt, which appeared in the journal “Studies in Comparative Religion”, THE PENGUIN METAPHYSICAL LffiRARY General Editor: Jacob Needleman. ALCHEMY. The son of the Swiss sculptor Carl Burckhardt, Titus Burckhardt was.

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For students of art and comparative religion in general this work is also of great significance.

Much later—in a series of articles published in both French and German in —he covered the cosmological ground very fully indeed, and also made many detailed references to the main branches of modern science.

World Wisdom Books, Burckhardt examines the history and symbolism of the chess-board of its pieces. Kampf um das Mittelmeer by Burdkhardt Donauer.

Alchemy: Science of the Cosmos, Science of the Soul

D Finch rated it really liked it Oct 28, Jeffrey Snodgrass rated it really liked it Oct 03, There is indeed much to be learnt about the governance of men aalchemy nations from Burckhardt’s penetrating presentation of the principles behind dynastic and tribal vicissitudes —with their failures and their successes. A alchmey list of the names and dates of alchemists and a bibliography of works on the subject add to its usefulness.

He devoted all his life to the study and exposition of the different aspects of Wisdom tradition. Beshara, ; Louisville, Kentucky: In particular, he dwelt on how they had been—and could be—turned to burvkhardt spiritually, both as meaningful activities which by virtue of their inherent symbolism harbor a doctrinal message, and above all as supports for spiritual realization and means of grace.


Titus Burckhardt: Alchemy – Science of the Cosmos, Science of the Soul

Online Resources about Tituss Burckhardt. It raised many questions on the current proto-science take on alchemy, and the period perceptions of terminology we take for granted, being post-periodic table, post Jung and post-modern.

Burckkhardt are commenting using your Facebook account. This wonderfully insightful volume introduces some of the metaphors useful for establishing attitudes required for the soul’s advancement: Penguin Books, ; Longmead, Shaftesbury, Dorset: The appearance of this book in English should correct once and for all many errors prevalent in this field. The word genie and genius have similar roots, and the person was thought to be a vessel, bodily and intellectually.

Quotes on Titus Burckhardt. What are the “Foundations of Christian Art? Amer Zaffar rated it really liked it May 11, Together they talked about the Dark Ages and about the surpassingly beautiful manuscripts of the Gospels that had been so lovingly and so finely produced during them.

He provides an introduction to the symbolic and spiritual basis of Alchemy, or the Science of the Soul as his sub-title suggests.

Titus Burckhardt with Frithjof Schuon in Switzerland in the s.

Alchemy: Science of the Cosmos, Science of the Soul – Titus Burckhardt – Google Books

In ChartresBurckhardt expounds the intellectual and spiritual contents burckharrdt the different architectural styles—distinguishing in this respect not merely between the Gothic and the Romanesque, but even between the different varieties of the Romanesque.

Lists with This Book. Burckhardt himself contributed three books in the series: I love thinking like this – for he seeks to really understand and then make that understanding available.


As a non-Catholic, however, he kissed, not the ring as is the custom amongst Catholicsbut the Pope’s fingers. These were historical-cum-spiritual studies of certain manifestations of sacred civilization, and covered such themes as Mount Athos, Celtic Ireland, Sinai, Constantinople, and other places. Burckhardt was the scion of a patrician family of Basel. Quinta Essentia, ; Albany, NY: Golgonooza Press, ; Bloomington, Indiana: In addition to the text, the book abounds in illustrations from different alchemical manuscripts, some made available alchemh the first time in this work.

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Alchemy: Science of the Cosmos, Science of the Soul by Titus Burckhardt

Much later—in a series of articles published in both French and German in —he covered the cosmological ground very fully indeed, and also made many detailed references to the main branches of modern science. The tree hitus two further branches, which are weaker and softe rthan th efirst four.

See The Memory Palace of Matteo Ricci I was surprised to find Burckharft influences in alchemical illustrations until I recognized that the huge import of Chinese porcelains would have been accompanied by such “cloud hung” landscapes. This work clearly established Burckhardt as the leading exponent, after Schuon, burckhwrdt intellectual doctrine and spiritual method.

Refresh and try again. It seems more likely that international congress of ideas had been going on for quite some time, and that the influence of the East, and Islam is something neglected in most Western historical courses, something Burckhart was trying to relieve.