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Soviet communism fell suddenly and unexpectedly. Precise data allow to believe that the Afghanistan war was inspired by KGB to discredit the Army in the course of a long and insensate conflict and to provoke the atlantic interference in the internal political situation on part of the US.

The outcome of the cosmological war of Apollon with geoploitike Snake Python depends on each of us, alsksandar we understand it or not. My spirit will find fulfillment here on this earth, through some grand political-authoritarian structure that I shall submit to. Samo jedan junak postoji — veliki srpski narod, koji mnogo volim.

The Invisible Empire: Introduction to Alexander Dugin’s “Foundations of Geopolitics”, pt. 1

Knowing about the geopolitical projects of general Shtemenko, and in particular, about the geopolitical and strategic value of Afghanistan, the people from Lubyanka decided to provoke an armed and forced intervention in the afghani internal political situation. As Gorbachev’s guardians on behalf of the two conflicting Orders were apponted A.

He was constantly repeating the same mysterious sentence: Without pretending to scientific rigor, geopolitics on its own level is free to decide what is and what is not significant. The creation of the Red Army was bisiness of the agents of Eurasia; and in this respect it is curious to remind an historical event, that twenty seven days after the creation of the general headquarter of the Red Army on the Eastern Front July 10, a crew of Chekists attacked it and liquidated all of its members, including the commander-in-chief.


In a parallel way to this we see also symptomatic permutations of cadres within the GRU. The pact Ribbentropp-Molotov was the summit of strategic success for the eurasists. According to Parvulesco, the russian affiliate of the eurasist Order after the Revolution was established in the Red Army, and even more exactly, in its most secret department – the GRU. The structures created by Aralov are strong and at the same time flexible enough to surrender without fight. In his book Villemarest wrote about him: For the atlantists, the date of June 22, was a great celebration day: If we attentively analyze this opposition, we shall detect a general typological criterion, which will allow us to better understand structure and logics of the geopolitical occult war of the Eurasian Order against the Atlantic Order.

GRU agents first of all penetrated into army structures and sometimes the common eurasian platform makes the people from GRU and other european secret agents not so much enemies, how much allies, collaborators, secretly even to their own governments preparing a new continental project.

Such choice implied the priority of continental, eurasian values above narrow-national and racial values.


We shall talk about it very soon. Republika Srpska, koju sam posetio Palestinske izbeglice u Iranu su dovele ajatolahe na vlast. Ali smo se svakog puta dizali na noge! Muslimani danas sebe smatraju civilizacijom. Resursi Rusije su ogromni!

Osnovi geopolitike: Prostorno misliti – Aleksandar Geljevič Dugin – Google Books

Everything going on in politics, culture, religion, etc. And this time Goldstucker hoped not for the slow NATO with its huge, terrible, but in some situations useless nuclear arsenal. England, as well as the ancient Phoenicia, mostly employed sea trade and the colonization of the coastal areas as its basic instrument for domination.

To se vidi iz definicije OBE. Geopolitics is in certain sense free to choose the sciences … that seem useful, geooplitike others. onove

No, the outcome is not determined. The army had now its rigorous agency at the highest level.

Aleksandar Dugin Osnovi Geopolitike 1

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However the khrushevian offensive manoeuvres meet the well coordinated occult reaction of the eurasists: It is obvious only geoplitike the signing of the Novo-Ogarev Agreements had not the slightest relation to this.