Listen to Alexandre Dumas – Cei trei muschetari by Teatru Radiofonic for free. Follow Teatru Radiofonic to never miss another show. Listen to Alexandre Dumas – Cei trei muschetari by Number One for free. Follow Number One to never miss another show. The Three Musketeers, the novel by author Alexandre Dumas, père, has been the subject of numerous films and cartoons.

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Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. One of the most interesting features of the book is that the people who hold the highest positions, by which I mean kings etc, are, for the most part, the stupidest, most self-obsessed characters. A kind of literary coelocanth, it’s exactly halfway between the two genres.

Seriously, fuck you guys. Although d’Artagnan is not able to join this elite corps immediately, he befriends the three most formidable musketeers of alexaandre age—Athos, Porthos and Aramis—and gets involved in affairs of the state and court. As should be obvious by my five stars, which I give unreservedly, I really did love the book on the whole. Lists with This Book.

Alexandre Dumas – Cei trei muschetari by Teatru Radiofonic | Mixcloud

It’s also a little amusing how extremely formal the book is, even the insults are too formal. I cannot count the times I just wanted to kidnap Aramis from the whole idea of being a priest, and taught him the world, and its wonders. There exist in the world authors from previous eras whose characters have become so ubiquitous in the popular culture that they undergo a strange kind of infantalizing. Any thoughts from parents out there? In Margotall the sex scenes muschetarri kept out of the way and, judging by the description Dumas gave us of the characters’ nighttime activities, no one managed to get laid for the entire book.

He suggests that the King throw a party dumqs ask Anne to wear the diamonds, she despairs and burst into tears. View all 5 comments.

I guess if you wanted to credit the book with greater depth or intelligence, alexanrre you wanted to say alexanere is something more than a brilliant farce, then you could argue that it is a satire. But when may I lay my hands on them is a question the future will answer.

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Alexandre Dumas (1802 – 1870)

View all 14 comments. View all 46 comments. Hell, most people even know that D’Artagnan, the main “hero” of the book, is not one of the eponymous “Three”. However, considering the age of the tale, it is all the more remarkable how modern it is written.

I was one of those peeps. A more fascinating hate-him-one-moment, forgive-him-the-next character than Cardinal Richelieu? Though the author tried his best to justify them, he utterly failed before my tribunal.

We have the politics of the day nicely interwoven in this social critique. Aramis and Porthos – the Merry and Pippin of the group, if you’ll excuse the extremely dorkish LOTR cross-reference – made me laugh; D’Artagnan was charming even though or maybe because he had trek moments where, were I in the story, I wouldn’t know whether to kiss him or smack him upside the head; and the pure unfiltered AWESOME that is Athos cannot be put into words.

I see the Four Musketeers crimes — treason, rape, murder, theft — and all their flaws — cruelty, greed, hypocrisy, entitlement, adulterousness to name but a few — and I still love them. Cardinal Richelieu is one.

Want to Read saving…. It is a rare moment when our heroes come into contact with gunpowder. Quotes from Cei trei muschetari. Les Trois Mousquetaires is a historical adventure novel written in by French author Alexandre Dumas. The power of the book is not in laexandre message but in making of the reader a Don Quixote, so that upon finishing it one is eager to take up a sword and romp around the country in a fancy outfit challenging people to duels. Women also don’t fare very well here and are talked about in quite unsettling terms.

But what do these two literary traditions have to do with each other?

No This is a kick-ass novel, and I am indeed kicking my own ass for not having read it earlier. None of the musketeers was very likable to me. It is not easy to create memorable characters, be they one, two or three dimensional.


Who is your favorite book Villain? Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Then the man she is spying on kills her lover, the Comte de Wardes.

I’m really at a loss as to how I should review this book. Most people know the story. While not a children’s book due to the difficulty of the French textthe story itself is of course widely known and a favourite for story tellers using abridged or illustrated versions and for movie makers. Return to Book Page. The four friends trace Milady and bring her to trial, where they hear the lengths of her crimes.

The book is full of “Duma’s occasional lapses of memory” However the story is interesting and the book is a true page turner. Yet all of this sounds distinctly like good fun for younger readers. Well, as it turns out, I do. If I may say so, I despised her with passion and didn’t feel any remorse at her tragic death. Indeed, the war between the Mudchetari and the French only takes place because Buckingham wants an excuse to be in France in order to see the Alexanxre. Dumas also wrote plays and magazine articles, and was a prolific correspondent.

Plus, there was the length consideration.

Cei Trei Muschetari

Cristina rated it it was amazing Apr 17, The rather serious philosophical questions Robert Louis Stevenson posed about mind-body duality and evolution are passed over in favor of the monster story of wicked Mr. No, far from being a children’s book, this is a noirish thriller, stuffed to the gills with violence, sex, nudity, dangerous blondes, corrupt politicians and random acts of mayhem and destruction.

She keeps poison in her ring, seduces a guard who has been specifically warned duma she’ll try to seduce him, stabs herself in the chest to make people think she killed herself, regularly tries to assassinate D’Artagnan and his friends, and was generally such a psychotic bitch that even Cardinal Richelieu was afraid of her.