: Alfred Kropp: The Seal of Solomon (): Rick Yancey: Books. The Seal of Solomon has ratings and reviews. Vanessa said: Compared to the first book, this feels underwhelming. Truth be told, the writing is. . Since he got home after literally saving the world,Alfred Kropp has had a rather hard time of it. Now that his uncle is dead Alfred is alone in the world.

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Alfred Kropp: The Seal of Solomon – Wikipedia

He may make mistakes and screw up trying to do right. Overall rating No ratings yet 0. That said, I’m very much enjoying this so far. I loved the first book and procrastinated reading this one because I have read too many lame sequels. You genuinely care seap this weird kid.

The Seal of Solomon (Alfred Kropp, book 2) by Rick Yancey

If you enjoy a book that is pushing a human’s capability to function through difficult tue while balancing the world in one hand and own life in the other, then sit back in your recliner and enjoy a quality read. Yancey, Rick Alfred Kropp: I read sooomon first Alfred Kropp book a few years ago and was surprised at how good it was.

The Rule of Three: I think what Yancey does best, though, is the characterization of Alfred.

For thousands of years the Seal has been guarded by angels of heaven which have been locked up in a secret vessel in a secret place. This time it’s about King Solomon’s Greater and Lesser Seals, the first is a ring that’s actually a key and the second is a vessel that holds a bunch of angry fallen angels. Myers alias Mogart, dia kembali ke kehidupan lamanya, kembali jadi objek bulan2an di sekolahnya dan merasa bosan bukan main.


For information on how we process your data, read our Privacy Policy. You submitted the following rating and review. Alfred becomes part of the force gathered to put the demons back into the ancient demon prison. The book has a great plot or idea and then creates a kind of predictable situation after Alfred figures what side he actually is on. Another high stakes adventure for Alfred Kropp. They must get it back before very old and angry demons destroy the whole world.

Want to Read saving…. So, as in the first alffred, there’s no smarm or snark, and alfreed weird or odd undertones. This is not an action book featuring a teen main character that attempts to pander to readers, or ride on Alex Rider’s coattails. Abby dan seorang mantan pastor yang hanya dikenal dengan kode nama Operative Nine, yang menjelaskan bahwa selepas pencopotan jabatannya sebagai agen lapangan, Mike Arnold mencuri sepasang artefak dari gudang OIEP.

The Trials of Apollo, Book Two: They have Stolen a vessel and a ring The Seal of Solomon. I didn’t like him that much in the first book. Except for the new sport at school called “Kropping” — a practice of daily harassment and kro;p recently Reviewed by Cana Rensberger for TeensReadToo.

Alfred Kropp: The Seal of Solomon

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Exactly the oof of book that would appeal to the target audience of a book with a teen boy protagonist who saves the world over and over. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Sep 11, Joshua rated it it was thr. The Beauty of Darkness. They were angels once. With the best intentions, Albert continues to do right by messing everything and everyone up. None have fallen as far or as irrevocably as the outcasts of heaven.

Alfred Kropp the descendant of Alfrd who has the power to heal is an awkward, bumbling teenager who’s constantly swept up in events beyond his control. Tapi keadaan mendadak berubah menjadi semakin baik With the OIPEP at his side all he had standing in his way was evil the problem of understanding a complicated subject with a teen mind not knowing. As the descendant of Sir Lancelot he proves he is the man for the trouble that may come. Readers who enjoy the suspense, action thrillers will thoroughly be captivated by what Yancey has to offer.


I guarantee that once you start this book you will be unable to put it down. I enjoyed it so much that ghe after finishing it I bought this second volume. Not after his extrodinary adventures from before.

Unfortunately for everyone this is exactly what happens, and Alfred Kropp finds himself once again facing the possible end of the world. Teamed with Op Nine, OIPEP’s top agent, Alfred heads out on a whirlwind mission to recover the artifacts, traveling to the Sahara, Chicago and home again as the planet erupts in his wake.

Yea it got worse. As life carries out normal in the beginning he finds himself against his own organization in which he worked for.

The Seal of Solomon

Usually that isn’t the smartest because you never know of your going to sloomon it or not. Nevertheless, by the same cruel logic that finds Harry Potter living with the Dursleys, this young lad is stuck in a crummy foster home in Knoxville, Tennessee. The Extraordinary Adventures of Alfred Kropp.