Sci-fi action meets steamy paranormal romance in Gini Koch’s Alien novels, as Katherine “Kitty” Katt faces off against aliens, conspiracies. “’The United States Navy is proud to serve under those, Commander,’ Jerry said finally. ‘In fact, I’d like a picture, in case we ever need to remind. Gini Koch is a science fiction, fantasy, and horror writer Alien in the Family published April ; Alien Proliferation published December ; Alien Diplomacy published.

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Book Review: Gini Koch’s Alien in the Family – KD Did It Edits

A family from hell – not to mention a major smack down in the desert, if Kitty can survive this she might be ready for James the wedding planner dictator.

This series just wouldn’t be the same, at this point, without Reader. They’re simply too much fun to avoid. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase.

I did have a bit of an issue with the football players; it seemed to me that things could have gone another way for Kitty, and I’m apparently not as forgiving as she is – in my mind there’s never an excuse to treat a woman that iin. The whole fighting to kocg thing would work a lot better if ebooks would progress to sound effects. Really I said spoilers for the other two books not this one.

Kitty and Martini remain one of my favourite fictional couples and I’m already looking forward to their next adventure. Kitty remains her bold, effervescent self. These men absolutely worship the ground she walks on, and she knows it. Katherine “Kitty” Katt 3. A much, MUCH bigger issue to me though is how rape is handled in the book.

And if you are, why? Katherine “Kitty” Katt 1 – 10 of 20 books. Amazonian assassins, spies, alien beasties, shape-shifters, and representatives from the Planetary Council, combined with a tabloid reporter who’s a little too on the mark, create a deadly situation for Kitty and the rest of Alpha Team.

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Alien in the Family by Gini Koch | : Books

She has stories featured in a variety of excellent anthologies, available now and upcoming, writing as Gini Koch, Anita Ensal, Jemma Chase, and J. However, this is my kkch and my rant about the series. I thought something was going to happen in the wedding too but I loved the scenes leading up to it along with the big day itself. No trivia or quizzes yet.

You are commenting using your WordPress. But not worries because Jeff is there this time. Amy and Sheila are her best girlfriends from high school; Caroline is her sorority roommate; and, Lorraine and Claudia. In this book, the aliens had magical powers empathy bordering on telepathy, the ability to project visions, the ability to change shapes. This comes up in two different scenes. This only needs to be mentioned once or maybe twice at the most.

The Edge of Reason by Helen Fielding. Touched by an Alien. Can’t tell you much about these besides that you will love them.

I too have been really looking forward to this one. The characters are multidimensional and continue to grow. Planning the wedding is actually a worse worry when only your parents and Uncle Mort know that Jeff is an alien.

I continue ln be a Chuckie fan – he’s obviously still kocb love with Kitty but is supportive of her decision to marry Jeff while letting her know he’s available if things should fall through, lol.

Now, I am not saying that Jeff might have a little bit of jealousy, but dear gosh, she gives him reason to. I read the first one and it was good, made me want to read the sequel, but I have to say that I was somewhat disappointed. How about having a relationship?


All my favorite characters are back and she’s introduced some new ones too. Poofs are the greatest animals not from this earth. I loved the wedding! The plot is as always fast-paced and engaging. While five of my book shots made it, so did four of my handmade items – a knotted baby blanket for a friend, a cross-stitch, a tshirt sewing hack, and a crocheted belt.

I mean, don’t get me wrong, if you take a look at my shelves you’ll see that I like a little sex with my stories. I love the Kitty Katt books, and “Alien in the Family” afmily a wonderful addition to the series. I adore Kitty and her men and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for us!

Martini is overly jealous, in a cartoonish, immature way. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Didn’t get it at all.

Alien in the Family

How she is a commander of anything is beyond me and others ask the same question throughout the series. Too bad, I loved it! I love how James sets Kitty up to give time to everyone the day before the wedding, to bond with her grandparents, her mom, her future mother-in-law…eek, and her not-to-traditional bridesmaids. BookGenreparanormalReviewromancescifi Tags: Aline back and re-read the second sentence of this paragraph, and insert the word “really” between the iin and second words.