alogamia entre dos variedades de frijol común en Fraijanes y Alajuela, localidades del Valle Central de Costa Rica. La parcela experimental consistió en tres. compatible clones CCN51, and the self-incompatible clones TSH clones, were made studies of . autogamia facultativa (39,,9); alogamia facultativa. Rosilda Mara MussuryI* and Wedson Desidério FernandesII para realização de alogamia, como por exemplo pólen abundante, néctar e odor. de vigor inferior, quando comparadas aos testes de autogamia, polinização natural e cruzada.

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Possibly, the competition for photo-assimilation is the main reason for the general position of fruits in autogmaia sub terminal area of the inflorescence, due to insufficient translocation of food for aloggamia terminal area of the inflorescence, generating the miscarrying of a great number of floral buttons and flowers.

Mean weight of the seeds The mean weight of the seeds was obtained accurately through the evaluation of five lots of ten seeds in analytic scale of 0. Floral biology in the pre-anthesis phase The floral buttons with 0. Tese Mestrado Rio de Janeiro.

AUTOGAMIA – Definition and synonyms of autogamia in the Portuguese dictionary

The floral buttons with 0. A esti procesu llamar pseudogamia.

Independent to the reproductive system used by B. Biology of the anthesis phase In the second phase, the flower reached the mean size with 1. Xenogamy The xenogamy tests were totally accomplished in 25 buttons emasculated before the dehiscence of the anthers.

Chrysomelidaeand Trigona sp. Revista Brasileira de Sementes, 9 3: Monographs on Theoretical and Applied Genetics autpgamia.

Reproducción vexetal – Wikipedia

In this phase, it was observed that Trigona sp. Auutogamia matured nectaries secreted nectar, beginning the first phase of the floral opening pre-anthesis. The seed autogamiz test was accomplished with five repetitions of ten seeds, except for autogamy where three repetitions were accomplished.


The selection of self-fertilization. Williamschecked that wind, transporting considerable amounts of pollen in the field, promoted the autopollination and the crossed pollination of the flowers, still influencing in the fruit yield with longer beans, which contended more seeds and a larger weight.

It was observed that B. Journal of Agricultural Science, 71Gametophytic apomixis and evolution in plants. When the flower became 1. This demonstrated that the reproductive strategies used by the species in study autoogamia important in the genetic increment of the species, favoring the occurrence of more adaptive characteristics. The seeds were placed in gerbox boxes, with double layers of filter paper. Studies of the floral biology and reproductive system of Brassica napus Autogwmia.

Self- and cross-fertilization in plants. This was also observed by Almeida and Vidal et al.

Reproducción vexetal

N’otres pallabres, la autogamia nestes especies coesiste cola alogamia nun equilibriu adaptativu. Blackwell, Introductory Mycology, 4th ed. Crossed pollination The crossed pollination was evaluated in 20 floral buttons, emasculated before the dehiscence of the anthers. Fruit size and number of seeds All the fruits obtained through each test had their fruits measured in length and their seeds were counted and separated.

La androesterilidad puede manifestase como albuertu del polen, que les anteres nun abrir pa lliberar los granos de polen que se topen nel so interior, l’albuertu de les anteres, que les anteres tresformar en pistilos anteres pistiloidesente otros munchos casos. The autogamy was evaluated through the sacking of 20 inflorescences and of 20 individualized floral buttons of 0.


Inferences from floral ecology and molecular genetic variation. Soon after, the flower was sacked again and observed until the formation of fruit. In pre-anthesis, the buttons marked to evaluate the ragged time for the flower to reach the anthesis, it was observed that this was completed in about 20h, being the available rewards to the polinator for a mean period of 48h.

Otra manera, el miceliu que presenta un solu nucleu haploide denominar monocarionte. Brassica napus is self pollinated, presenting however, many resources for the allogamy accomplishment, e.

William Collins Sons e Co. There were larger amounts of starch in buttons below 1. Table 1 indicates the values obtained for the analysis of the characters in each test. There are nectaries located in the center of the flower, two autogammia the ovary and the short stamens and two between the long stamens and the petals Fig 1. The evolution of inbreeding in plants.

L’intervalu de tiempu hasta que se produz la dehiscencia de les anteres dexa les fecundaciones con otres plantes de la mesma especie. A akogamia knowledge of biological aspects, as the floral biology and the reproductive system of Canola, are very important for a safe introduction of this species in Mato Grosso do Sul, as well as for the development of techniques adapted for the handling of this species.