Altiverb 6 Manual – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Manual. Chapter 6 is the reference part of the rb 7 7 2 About the documentation This user guide covers the functions and controls of Altiverb 7. audioease. Page 6. 6. Page 7. 2. About the documentation. This manual covers the functions and controls of Altiverb 5™ for Mac OS X. Version 2 is the last for MacOS 9.

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Most Audio Ease Impulse Responses will show the following items: Double click a room to make available its IRs in the right hand column. The Mute Direct button will be on.

The save icon below the preset menu is a short cut to either save when a selected preset has been modifiedor save as when no preset is selected. The color scheme beginning briefly with white, quickly moving through blue, and slowly through red and yellow is repeated every full second of the reverb tail to indicate time.

Audio Ease Altiverb 6

The Audio Ease made presets are available in this menu. Altiverb 6 Reference Equalizer A light means a section is turned on. If you sell your computer, you may want to authorize a new computer.

Reverse Reverb Reverses the complete length of the reverb tail that is being convoluted. Recalling a Automation preset: Effects are displayed in the level meters.

Shift click to zoom in, and control click to zoom out. Turn clockwise to simulate reflective surfaces that make low frequencies decay longer. We need your help to maintenance this website. Some host applications may not support automated Automation preset recalls. Venue rights may apply when you sell, lend, hire or give away sampled Impulse Responses from real acoustic spaces. Think of a sampled waveform as mxnual stream of these spikes.


An Example When a 48 kHz impulse response is used in a 96 kHz project, the altoverb engine will run at 48 kHz, while the dry sound will stay at 96 kHz. The vertical axis pointing upward is the decibel axis. Can be set to negative values to start the onset of the tail earlier.

Altiverb 6 Manual Audio Ease Altiverb Revolutionary convolution reverb

Time Filters tried find any. Automation Presets are presets that are saved into the session. You feed your audio to the speaker s in the chamber, place some microphones in there, and get back the reverberated audio into the mixing board.

Shift-select rooms to make all IRs of altivegb rooms appear in the right hand column. There is no quality advantage of running the reverb engine at 96 kHz when a 48 kHz Impulse Response is selected.

By lengthening the reverb time you are raising the level of the softest part of the reverb tail. Play back your audio through it and it should already sound as if it is played back somewhere else. Select other presets folder – Switch to another preset folder.

You can also command or apple -click an occupied preset slot to delete its contents. Hover over them to view in the info screen. It is possible that 96 kHz impulse responses will eventually become available. Please note that that may reveal resolution and signal-tonoise inaccuracies of the impulse response recording.

If, at a later stage, you obtain an iLok Smart Key, we can put the authorization from your computer into your iLok Smart Key Please email Audio Ease when you wish to do so. It transposes room modes and resonances, tightens or spreads early reflections, and shortens or lengthens the reverb tail. This IR will mix both inputs to mono, and be lighter on the cpu while this IR will play back each channel of the input audio through its own speaker on stage.


Click on either of them to listen. The sample rate conversions performed are of very high quality and are extremely accurate. The only difference is that apart from creating lfe reverb, the lfe bleed control also governs the amount of lfe content that is input to Altiverb.

Altiverb 6 Manual Audio Ease awesome software for music and sound pros

The now occupied slot will turn light grey occupied. Turn clockwise to simulate reflective surfaces that make mid frequencies decay longer. It can also make the room sound larger or damped as soft reflections suggest distant or baffled surfaces.

mnual Re-scan IR Folder – This re-scans the currently selected impulse responses folder for changes or additions and updates the popup menu accordingly. Starting with the basic rule above, it follows that it also matters where the speakers are in the echo chamber. The ASDF keys trigger only the last played sample from each of the four categories.

At a certain point you will need a computer connected to the internet, but it does not have to be your Altiverb computer. It will guide you through the authorization process step by step.