Osama bin Laden is pictured on the cover of the Amalgam Virgo exercise. [ Source: NORAD]The US military conducts Amalgam Virgo 01, a multi-agency. [Source: NORAD]The US military conducts Amalgam Virgo 01, a multi-agency live-fly homeland security exercise sponsored by the North American Aerospace . 01 (June 1 2 / ) Click PDF Operation Amalgam Virgo is a CINCNORAD joint task counter terrorist and field training exercise (FTX) carried out in Tyndall Air.

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Scenario fruition is up to Blue Forces. Defense Protective Services Police seal the crash sight.

The last big one took place in June and another CIA exercise was confirmed for the day of September 11th! Several naval ships including the USS Yorktown and the Navy Aegis cruiser were dispatched to the Gulf of Mexico as part of the multi-service anti-cruise missile operation.

Fast, low-flying cruise missiles are hard to detect. Amalgam — is the name given to the product of an amalgamation process. Truthers “get” video games at arcades where you put in 50 cents and can shoot stuff out of the sky, or out of space It does this by collecting and correlating radar information from the different services to provide an accurate tracking picture of low-level targets such as cruise missiles.

David Gergen played the National Security Advisor. Volunteer If you would like to help us with this effort, please contact us. Federal Response to a Biological Weapons Attack http: For each of the documents responsive to this request, please provide information sufficient to determine the date the document was initially drafted, and, if applicable, the date the document was finalized. Robot Master topic In the original Mega Man series, the term “Robot Master” refers to a special kind of robot or android that possesses a very advanced level of artificial intelligence.

  DE 2501F 12-03 PDF

And other links confirm that was the exercise held in Juneas Jacobs himself mentioned earlier:. Maurice Baril Maurice Baril, September Army medics, nurses and doctors scramble to organize aid. They let it happen on purpose! Lumpkin, Associated Press23 August http: The Force Behind the Motion.

Counter-Intelligence — The Interview. Specifically, operation Amalgam Virgo, which I was involved in before I retired Member feedback about Amalgam Virgo: Warning Signs, Damage Control and Impact”, produced a link to http: Further, this explains that the Amalgam Virgo didn’t happen until June ; the preceding version was “a scenario involving a cruise missile”.

They patrol the farthest reaches of the DC Universe at the behest of the Guardians, a race of immortals residing on the planet Oa. Presumably, only the higher-ranking officers managing the exercises know exactly what will take place, and the lower level personnel are tasked with figuring out what’s going on and the best way to respond.

Profile: Amalgam Virgo

Planning for that exercise will begin in July see July I’m not saying amalgaam they have the exact plans established decades ahead I know that I could! Participants Units Facilities Links References. I suspect that it could have been those two and “all of the above” should other Truthers begin to connect some other dots out there anywhere around the world regarding any US hatched military or intel operation for any announced or unannounced reason.


This includes making a unilateral decision to shoot down a wayward airvehicle that is behaving in such a way as to kill citizens or create damage to amalgwm.

Alec Baldwin Asks “What is Amalgam Virgo?”

It may also refer to: Snyder said NORAD hopes potential air threats can be “intercepted on the ground before becoming a bigger issue. Featuring a rap by Turbo B and vocals by Penny Ford lip-synced in the music video by Jackie Harristhe single became a massive international hit. Receive weekly email updates summarizing what contributors have added to the History Commons database. Air Force Fs, Navy gunners, and Army missile defense units attempt to find and track the drones.

This is the second year the U.

Alec Baldwin Asks “What is Amalgam Virgo?” | 9/11 Truth News

It was not the only one of its kind. Because of the capability for people with very limited means, in relative terms, to be able to obtain a cruise missile, NORAD has to be very serious about that threat. If you find it useful, please give us a hand and donate what amalgzm can.