A list of Keynotes for Ambra Grisea (ambr.), taken from RADAR homeopathic software, with links to a query for the remedy analysis in Encyclopedia. AMBRA GRISEA*. By Drs. C. E. WH~EL~,~ and J. D. KENYON. Ambergris, a morbid product (intestinal) of the sperm whale. ” AND makes the hollow waves that. Outcomes and Lessons Learned From a Randomized Controlled Trial to Reduce Health Care Utilization During the First Year After Spinal Cord Injury.

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Urine of a yellowish-brown, and turbid, with brown sediment. But there is a kind of nervous sickness manifested in these symptoms that Ambr.

Ambra Grisea (ambr.)

You will then find the same query that was used to create the analysis screenshot for that remedy. The length of the bar for a particular symptom represented by a colorindicates how many grisez this symptom was mentioned in the materia medica for that remedy.

Violent itching, with swelling of the external parts. Contraction of the fingers.

Ambra grisea | National Center for Homeopathy

Cramp of the lower lip. The patient has an embarrassed air, the bashful state is very characteristic in certain connections.


Conscious of the pulse. Hiccough after having smoked tobacco. Strangling in the pharynx on swallowing food.

Dwells upon unpleasant things. Running of white-bluish matter from the vagina. It is not mentioned grissea the test, but it is also worse after eating.

In the morning, on waking, dryness and sensation of numbness in the mouth, in the tongue, and in the lips. Convulsive movements in the muscles of the face. Thinking difficult in the morning with old people.

Aversion to seeing or hearing others laughing. Make a Donation Join Login. Many of the pains are mitigated by walking in the open air, or when lying on the part affected. It has cured the “going to sleep” and numbness and feeble circulation with loss of muscular power.

Increased secretion of urine, much more than the grisez of the fluid drunk.

Voluptuous itching of scrotum. There is a tickling, spasmodic cough. That is a sort of general feature of this remedy. In spite of much straining she can do nothing unless alone. Often a patient asks me one question after another, never waiting to have the first one answered, a flitting, flighty talker, who does not seem to realize that l have not answered his questions; that patient, l say to myself, needs Ambr.

Dryness of the skin. Asthma in lean and delicate old people. Complaints are often one-sided; perspiration on one side of the body or grosea on the affected side. In the semi-dreamy state he is kept holding up before his mind grisa grimaces.


Heaviness in the belly. Pressure on front part of head with mental depression. Drawing toothache, sometimes on one side and then on the other.

Cramps in the legs, and at night in the calves of the legs. Double click on the query file you would like to open. In the evening, attack of trembling in the thumb. Alternation of depression of spirits with vehemence of temper is another feature. Bloody urine with red sediment in the urine. Voluptuous excitement of, and itching in, the genital parts, without external cause.

Sensation of contraction in the r thigh, the limb seems to be shortened. Accumulation of greyish mucus in the throat, with inclination to vomit, and vomiting when hawking.

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