AMFPHP Beta 2 (UPDATED – Beta 2 now supports Services override Note: If you’re reading an old tutorial, it will tell you that you should see a. instructions you can find the files created in this tutorial here. Unzip them in lib/ amfphp/ and they should. After I made it to the end, I decided to write a tutorial about the best approach to build AMFPHP is a great open-source tool that allow flash to.

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MovieClip ; import fl.

When you call the remote amvphp, you can pass as many parameters to PHP as the function require. With Amfphp, there would only be one code!

Once you can return data from Amfphp to your client, try to get some information from a database. PDO Will it be!!! Now Yarden Refaeli from Rigel Games is sharing with us his experience in creating a Flash Facebook application using another technique.

Your first Project using Amfphp – Silex Labs

I believe that this line is incorrect in the example: Thank you for your comment. Developers can focus on features unique to their projects, regardless of the communication between client and server.

You must download an extension to the Flash editor here. And edit the following on the stage:. For Flex section above there is a misspelling on line 17 of services-config.


Be careful what values you save if this is a real production server amfpup in to a real users account. So for our example, you should create a class called YourService, in a file called YourService. The latest version is 2. AMFPHP is a great open-source tool that allow flash to communicate with the server-side in a few lines of code!

How do I call function from class in php file using Flash as3? For debugging services use plenty of trace statements in Flash. NetConnection; tutoriial var responder: Feel free to send me feedback to yard[at]gmail[dot]com!

Here we create the object describing the call tutodial use the JSON stringify function. The information contained on the page should NOT be seen as relevant or reliable.

Test your services as you develop them with the Service Browser. If you would like to try AMF with Javascript, there are some available implementationsso give them a try.

Your first Project using Amfphp

The result paramter is an object that the server returned. Silex Labs community Tweets Tweets sur silexlabs. Amfphp is free and open source software, and an essential brick for the development of Applications that need to communicate with the Internet. All you need to do, is of course, write the server-side functions, and then you can call it from your SWF, with Actionscript 3.

For those who are impatient and don’t want to follow these step by step instructions you can find the files created in this tutorial here. This depends on which client-side technology you are using, so choose the appropriate part below.


NetConnection ; import flash. You have a web page, a tablet app and a smartphone app, and they all want to access some shared data, for example a list of emails. The NetConnection debugger doesn’t seem to work reliably and the service browser is not necessary amfphp has one built in which will work better for you. Without Amfphp, there would be one code for the web page, another for the smartphone app, and maybe another for the tablet app.

This list of emails is in the cloud, and you have a PHP developer whose job it is to make this list available to the apps and the webpage.

Restart your Flash editor after installing the components. Our function simply cast it to string and put it in our text field. Your class should look like this: Start your client development with a fully functional client project using the Client Generator.

I take a long time researching, relearning this stuff… Aamfphp it helps others lazy boys like me, trying the new tricks for old dogs….