Criminal Law Book 1 Amurao Notes. July 16 CRIMINAL LAW Lecture & Recitation Notes Page 1 of Atty. Maximo Amurao CRIMINAL. CRIMINAL LAW Page 1 of Lecture & Recitation Notes Atty. Maximo Amurao CRIMINAL LAW 1. June 17, Introduction to Criminal Law Q: What is. View Notes – Criminal-Law-Amurao-Notes from LAW at Jose Rizal University. CRIMINAL LAW Lecture & Recitation Notes Page 1 of Atty.

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He did not see them in the act of sexual intercourse.

Chance encounter, not treachery. It is presumed there is intention to utter. Attemted homicide — not alle ed but ro! No- When to lead? President noynoy in helicopter hovering over the projects.

May the girls be liable? Yes Synonymous with syndicate? Supposing, there is an agreement to fight or a challenge to fight was accepted, is there unlawful aggression on one of the parties? The warrant enjoys the presumption of validity since it was issued by the court.

Criminal Law Book 1 Amurao Notes –

Notes on Criminal Law. When a sin le act constitutes two or more ra! Is there a crime committed? Criminal Law Book 1 Articles The importer is bound to pay the bank the proceeds of the sale of the goods or to return the same to the bank.


Met in the classroom.

Judgment was rendered but H appealed the case. May he still be liable for Article ? Criminal Law Notes nites. May the President order his re-arrest even without waiting for conviction of the second crime? What is an Accident? Shifting the burden of proof Prosecution is relieved of its duty to prove guilt of accused Q: No, first cousin not contemplated under vindication relatives Q: Less Fra7e Ae onies — those that the law unishes with enalties whose ma8imum eriods are correctional NO!

What is the le al effect of the roof of e8istence of notea in a woman? Not in art murder e.

No ;no rational e3ui! Prescription of penalty – loss or forfeiture of right of the government to execute the final sentence 7. Considered in rae as a ra! How about the use of words, remarks or language of the perpetrators, can conspiracy still be ascertained or established? Is it enough that the offended oarty be of higher rank?

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It does not extinguish criminal liability because there is no criminal liability to speak of. Aid of armed men, persons who afford impunity, nighttime, calamities or misfortune. Extra Notes for Essay how to expand sentences. May he be liable for estafa? Thank you for interesting in our services. H gives it to Nptes although she never asked him to submit such. Owner gave the jewellery to the agent for the latter to sell it. A had sufficient funds and reason for the dishonor was the stop payment notice.


The professor still has better right over the book amuao may ask for its return at any time.

Criminal Law 2 – Amurao Notes

Is the crime committed a special complex crime of robbery with arson? After several day, employer invited housemaid to farm.

Provided that in self defense, defense of relative or defense of stranger, Unlawful aggression is present. Failure to pay after such period will make the person liable.