Aniara: An Epic Science Fiction Poem [Harry Martinson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is the paperback edition translated from the. Aniara – Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Harry Martinson’s Aniara. Nobel Prize When Swedish poet and writer Harry Martinson was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature in “for writings that catch the dewdrop and reflect the cosmos”.

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Cults flourish and fade, a ruthless dictator named Chefone steps to the fore. International Planetarium Society, Inc.

Aniara: An Epic Science Fiction Poem

My favorite poem of this book is Poem The whole story is told mainly by the voice of a narrator to the bitter end. When Swedish poet and writer Harry Martinson was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature in “for writings that catch the dewdrop and reflect the cosmos”the podm was controversial, to say the least. Both were members of Svenska Akademien at the time, and they had to endure harsh criticism for receiving the prize from their own colleagues.

Here Martinson chooses as his topic how mankind comes to terms with hopeless, pointlessness, and the inevitability of death. I assume the fact that Harry Martinson has the most BS Nobel citation of all time didn’t hurt either “for writings that catch the dewdrop and reflect the cosmos”.

This poem is amazing.

This epic poem is everything a work of science fiction should be, providing a fantastic situation that nevertheless resonates with us, and using that situation to explore mankind. The main message of Aniara”my child” as Martinson called it, is the need to take care of Mother Earth.

Published November 1st by Story Line Press first published Being a poem, a science fiction post-apocalyptic verse epos, and a deeply disturbing journey into the human condition, it is one of the books I quite often open randomly to enjoy the brilliant Swedish verse. It is very familiar to every educated Swede, and to non-Swedes it is out of reach due to the language barrier. This book is 50 years old this year. I received it as a present shortly after it appeared. Jan 16, Matilda added it.


This page was last edited on 11 Octoberat Most beautiful among beautiful glimpses is seen the glimmer of Karelia, as a waterglint among the trees, as a lightened summer water, in the June-light time when an evening hardly has time to get dark before the wooden-flute-clear cuckoo shouts to sweet Aino.

Aniara – Wikipedia

There’s a lot here: Anizra a meteor shower ppoem the ship off course and sets them on a helpless drift towards the furthest reaches of the solar system. I don’t claim to be able to do it now either, but I can’t stand the idea poe this favourite being left to travel in a void, straight ahead into space without any recognition from me, the grateful reader.

The Andromeda Galaxy was one of the sources that inspired the poem. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Nothing new under the sun regarding the Swedish Academy, eh. It’s an odd, thoroughly unique classic though sadly, it is currently out of print and very expensive. You were well worth your award. For lack of other words, you know, we call it sun haze.

Without the succour of the Mima, the erstwhile colonists seek distraction in sensual orgies, memories of their own and earlier lives, low comedy, religious cults, observations of strange astronomical phenomena, empty entertainments, science, routine tasks, brutal totalitarianism, and in all kinds amiara human endeavour, but ultimately cannot face the emptiness outside and inside. In form, the poems are metrical and mostly rhymedusing both traditional and individual forms, several alluding to a wide range of Swedish and Nordic poetry, such as the Finnish Kalevala.

InMartinson published a complete volume of poems, Aniarawhich was an expanded aniaraa of the Doris and Mima cycle. Vamos, que Aniara es el claro ejemplo de literatura con la que uno debe dejarse llevar y punto. I couldn’t really describe the content which is kind of a plot written in a poetic anoara kind of powm connected poems or something along those lines if I was asked to but it made me feel.

In no sense is Martinson merely interested in dressing up the “sense of wonder” that has been a perennial hallmark of traditional SF. ISBN correction 3 15 Apr 22, There was something absolutely special about it. Martinson explores how people deal with these challenges by presenting us with the microcosm of the ship.


This is a fantastic situation, yes, but is it really so different from our lives? Her steering gets knocked out, her SOSs A spaceship hurtles towards a distant constellation, going faster than anything in human history but essentially standing still from a relative point of view.

The great Swedish writer Harry Martinson published his masterpiece, Aniara, during the height of the Cold War – right after the Soviet Union announced that it had exploded the hydrogen bomb. But as the Bible says: It’s an odd, Nobel Prize Project Year: The rooms of Mima, according to Martinson, represent different kinds of life styles or forms of consciousness.

Henry Martinson accomplished what many would think impossible—a literate yet accessible epic science fiction poek that warrants close attention by those interested in either the outer reaches of SF writing or the inner reaches of poetry. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. With the loss of mima the mirror-world she created is lost as well, and thus the passengers turn to religion, whether the old ones of Earth, or factions worshipping the lost mima, or sex cults.

Ammons and Albert Goldbarth comes across as crib notes in the Physics for Liberal Arts classes the non-scientists took as undergrads. The ship is destined to travel for another 15, years before reaching the vicinity of another star. We listen daily to the sonic coins provided every plem of us and played through the Finger-singer worn on the left hand. Martinson, who was a very sensitive person, was deeply offended at insinuations that he had been awarded the prize for reasons other than merit.

The cast of characters is large, and in the cantos the reader is presented with a bewildering array of sensory detail: