The opera Anna Bolena is not a bad version of the English history; aside from the mad scene, Felice Romani’s libretto is simple and the point. Anna Bolena, Paolo Fabbri,ed. includes links to various online libretto sites. Opera Rara have started to include librettos and English. Listing is confusing. Although the description states “Italian Language” in the specific info further down the page it shows the language as English. I assusmed .

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Smeaton, Percy and Rochefort say that one victim has already englisy sacrificed. Ah yes…I am…let me go down into the shadows with that name, I let myself be seduced by the King.

Explain yourself…repressed fury most terrible is displayed in your face.

My presence would be inappropriate. Ah, no, she clasped me tenderly to her bosom; she remains ignorant that she has clasped englush serpent.

Would that I could at least have withdrawn my feet from this abyss; and have prevented the time from happening; Ah! Anna leaves, accompanied by Seymour and by the maids.

Oh, how swiftly the lightening descends on her head! My crime is to have sacrificed for the throne such a noble heart as that of Percy; to have annw it supreme happiness to be the King’s consort.


Does the throne alone concern you?

Anna Bolena

My presence would be inappropriate. And does rumour speak true? The first blow has descended; the one who stuck it hides himself. Heaven prevent the weak and inexperienced heart from letting itself be either seduced or overcome by hope or by fear; let it never allow him to forget that the accuser is the King. That she went so far as to extinguish your love for me.

Pur dirlo io deggio. Have you respected the royal rank? Enrico enters into the Counsel chamber.

And do you hope by leaving that Anna will be saved? Now my attention is completely on you: False couple, I do not call down the final vengeance in this terrible hour; I go down into the open grave which awaits me with pardon on my lips, May they obtain mercy and favour for me in the presence of a Volena of pity. Rochefort trae seco Percy da un’altraparte. Son calde ancor le ceneri del mio primiero amore!

Anna Bolena – Gaetano Donizetti – Libretto in English –

Let her final delirium be prolonged, merciful Heaven; let her beautiful spirit rise up to your bosom. Henry enters into the Counsel chamber. Bolenq throws himself at Anna’s feet and says that he accused her in the belief that he was saving her life.

Jane leaves greatly afflicted. Il mio Re melo rapia, dal mio Re mi venga reso.


Act 2 Top Act 1. L’estremo suo delirio prolunga, o ciel pietoso; fa che la sua bell’anima di te si desti in sen. Act 1 Top Act 2. A room in Windsor castle in the apartments of the Queen.

Let all the wrath of fate be poured out on you, in me now. All make way for her and respectfully form a circle around her. But after my death I will one day be exculpated and absolved.

Tali son trame ordite, che perduta voi siete. Who is this woman? Wretch, what hope now seduces you? Tutti gli astanti si dispongono in due file. Un suon sommesso tramandan esse come il gemer tronco di un cor che mora As Anne Boleyn, Dimitra Theodossiou proves diligent, but as far as characterization goes she communicates little more than a sense of bewilderment. The booklet that accompanies Dynamic’s recording contains a libretto in Italian and English, but it only gives details about the conductor, not the englsh.

Egli preludia un momento, indi canta la seguente romanza. They also have a list of who owns what editions at http: Be you the witnesses of my innocence tender friends.