ANSYS, Inc. June 21, 2. • ANSYS Icepak Overview. • Sample Problem: Thermal analysis of electronics in downhole equipment. I want to learn ansys icepak, where can I get video help me if anyone knows. Contains proprietary and confidential information of ANSYS, Inc. and its subsidiaries and affiliates. iii. ANSYS Icepak Tutorials Step Additional Exercise.

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Set Up the Model for Non-conformal Meshing Add an Assembly to the Model 7.

For the Beginner 1. Beat the heat tutoriaals ANSYS Icepak, a premier simulation tool to perform electro-thermal and standalone thermal analyses of electronic designs.

ANSYS Icepak

Build the Model 2. Generate Mesh with Slack Values Simplification into Icepak Objects — Level 3 Setting up the Multiple Trials idepak.


Generate a Conformal Mesh 7. Minimizing Thermal Resistance Inline and Staggered Heat Sinks Comparison Physical and Numerical Settings 9.

ANSYS Icepack: Electronics Cooling Simulation

Save the Model 7. Loading the Model 8.

Create a Support for the Box and Resize Cabinet Build the Model 4. Create Monitor Points Save the Model 6.

Zoom-In Physical and Numerical Settings Edit the Zoom-in Model Save the Model 2.

Modeling an Airborne Electronics System at Altitude Create a New Project 3. Create a New Project 5.

Icepak Tutorials

Save the Model 5. Calculate a Solution 6.

To meet demanding military specifications for mobile and interconnected surveillance, communications and operational devices, Kontron uses sophisticated thermal simulation to balance size, weight, power and cooling SWaP-C trade-offs for ‘ruggedized’ modular chassis that support customized solutions for mission-critical operations. Icepak anzys a vast library of fans, heatsinks and materials to furnish solutions to everyday electronic cooling concerns.

Separation Icepa and Minimum Gap Settings 8. Generate a Mesh 4. Post-processing the Results Generate a Summary Report Component Models Alternatives It has many advanced capabilities to model laminar and turbulent flows, and species analysis including radiation and convection.


Use of Parameterization to Optimize Fan Location 4.