Division: Magnoliophyta. Class: Magnoliopsida. Subclass: Asteridae. Order: Rubiales. Family: Rubiaceae. Genus: Anthocephalus. Species: chinensis. Notes. BRIEF DESCRIPTION A medium sized to tall deciduous tree reaching a height of m, and a trunk diameter up to cm. It has a slightly. Family: Rubiaceae Anthocephalus chinensis. Genus: Anthocephalus Species: chinensis. Origin: India Common name: ‘Kadam’ in India, Bur.

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Moore Neonauclea megaphylla S.

I agree to chinehsis terms and privacy policy. Krishna insisted that they come out naked to receive their garments. Kadam features in Indian mythology and religion.

Kadam (Anthocephalus chinensis) | ITTO

Kadamba wood is very easy to preserve using either open tank or pressure-vacuum systems. He was in the form of a spear under a kadamba tree. Air drying is reported to be fairly fast. It usually has no odor or taste, but wood of antuocephalus Assam variety is reported to have unpleasant odor.

The fresh leaves are fed to cattle.

View Contact Call Seller Now. There is a slight risk of splitting and surface checking, but a high risk of sap-stain and a moderate risk of insect attack while drying.


Anthocephalus chinensis – CADAMBA

Neolamarckia cadambawith English common names burflower-treelaranand Leichhardt pine[2] and called kadam [2] locally, is an evergreentropical tree native to South and Southeast Asia. Texture The texture is medium, its vessels contain dark deposits. Product Description To satisfy the changing and increasing needs of customers, we are providing an extensive range of Anthocephalus Cadamba. A fully mature Kadam tree can reaches up to 45 m ft in height and is a large tree with a broad crown and straight cylindrical bole.

Anthocephaluz de Nuestro Ambiente. Anthocsphalus Kadam flower, Anthocephalus cadamba, bloom during the rainy season in Bangla a couple present their love with kadam flowers. On maturing, the fruit splits apart, releasing the seeds, which are then dispersed by wind or rain. Flooring 14 – Handbook of Hardwoods. Botanical Description It is a medium-sized to large tree up to 45 m tall.

Kadamba yields a pulp of satisfactory brightness and performance as a hand sheet. Intervessel pits small, 7 micras or less.

The kadamba flower was the emblem of Athmallik Stateone of the princely states of Ahthocephalus during the period of the British Raj. Views Read Edit View history. When they looked up, they saw Krishna hiding there and their garments scattered all over the branches of the tree.


The Hindu, Friday, January 20, Response To Hand Tools Response to hand tools is reported to be good. Gita Govinda by Jayadeva. In Theravada Buddhismqnthocephalus kadamba tree was where Sumedha Buddha achieved enlightenment. Bosser; Anthocephalus indicus A.

Neolamarckia cadamba – Wikipedia

Bosque Estatal de Toro Negro. Turning 30 – Embassy of Honduras in Japan. Continue Cancel Send email OK. Retrieved 13 September The product of our industry has scented orange flowers in dense globe-shaped clusters.

KADAM (Anthocephalus chinensis)

Vessel-ray pits similar to intervessel pits in size and shape. Kadam flowers are sweetly fragrant, red to orange in color, occurring in dense, globular heads of approximately 5. The bole is straight and cylindrical and branchless for more than 25 m, up to cm in diameter but generally less. After the gopis had bathed, they looked for their garments but found them missing. The timber air dries rapidly with little dhinensis no degrade.