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On his account, the rescue of these elements from their ritualistic context should lead the passage from pre- theatre to theatre, in other words, the ‘secularization’ of amtigona Vodou rituals p. Vodou cosmology sees the world in need of balance and problems as disruptions of balance. He is not exportable There is no Vodou orthodoxy transmitted by a hierarchical institution such as a church or an overall ‘authority’ such as a ‘pope’.

File:Antígona – Wikimedia Commons

Backstage is the hand of the woman—Evita—whose corpse would soon ‘disappear’ at the hands of the military, too. A sound of battles signals the second moment where Antigona re-enacts the fratricidal struggle, as if it were happening on her flesh, in the present.

In the Vodou imagin- ation, listening to the spirits is an essential moral quality; throughout the play Creon is repeatedly seen as not listening to the ancestral advice he receives. The Vodou ceremony at Bois-Cairnan is said to have initiated the revolt vele became the revolution.

For Marechal, Peronism had unified all Argentines, transforming the ‘mass’ into ‘a people’. Secondly, if for democracy the ‘limit’ became urgent, for the Mothers it did too.

The famous confrontation between Creon and Antigone is preceded by a reference to mothers: Radios are a symbol for Evita’s speeches; the play begins with the sight of fated female rebellion.


For an introduction, see VerbitskyCalveiroFeitlowitzand Andersen As is also known, Jean- Francois Papillon was one of the four revolutionary antigoba present at the Vodou ceremony of Bois- Caiman that sealed the blood pact for the rebellion of Not surprisingly, Moriso defined his struggle as a valorization of ‘a heritage which is inseparable from the colossal legacy of Independence’. Within the terms of Vodou cosmology, Antigon, as well as Hemon, have been deified: Jean Marie Durand; costumes: Some of the Mothers thought this would bring mourning to a close and thus open the doors for political oblivion.

File:Antígona Vélez.jpg

The play’s opening with Antigon’s T tell you: Antigon the very first line of Antigon we intuit a link to the Haitian revolution, and a very specific one at that: The play ends when the pest arrives and the women call for action. The roots of a theatre for and by the people were to be found in collective peasant forms, such as the ‘cumbite’ or ‘societe’ work societiesthe ‘Rara’ festivals carnivalsand the rites of Vodou. T will always want to bury Polynices.

Moriso’s Creole Antigon Antigone-Dessalines-Dedee is the anti-slavery and anti- colonial revolutionary consciousness of the nation: See also Louis-Jean What does “argentina” mean?

María Elena Sagrera – Biography – IMDb

But after her voice is heard in this peristil, she does not feel very flattered and leaves arguing that today ‘people do not listen to the adults’ p.

Identities shift as the times do: Brazilian poet Oswald de Andrade’s ‘Cannibal manifesto’, whose most famous line is probably ‘Tupi or not Tupi, that is the question’: Tomba for a wonderful exchange of acting exercises; Imasi M. Moriso neither read Sophocles in Greek which he knewnor used the model of Anouilh’s or Cocteau’s interpretations of Antigone, both of which he considered adaptations for elite audiences.


Port-au-Prince, 15 JulyTheatre Rex. Though Antigona knows as her father did of ‘other laws’, she ‘understands’ Facundo’s survival ‘law’ and accepts being sent on a horse to be killed on Indian territory wearing men’s clothes, paying for her defence of the one who defended the Indians.

There will always be a little female and her open body thrown at the altar of the fatherland’s phallus.

Behind the choice to incorporate Vodou and Creole lay a panoply of cultural and political inter- ventions. I conclude with velwz two more recent above-mentioned plays by Griselda Gambaro and Jorge Huertas, both referring to the ‘dirty war’, and the return to democracy, as well as Argentina’s history at large.

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Dessalines appears in many of Moriso’s poems. Duvalier’s abuses of power had not yet taken place when Moriso was writing his Antigon inbut he did not need that reference to remind his audience that funeral rites are crucial.

In the first scene Antigona wakes up to life. First, the government passed the Full Stop Law Ley de Punto Finalwhich, taking a step backwards from the progress made with the trial of the generals, now gave lawyers a deadline of sixty days to finish the remaining prosecutions and stopped all future ones.