Methods: A 70% methanol extract of Spondias pinnata stem bark was studied in vitro for total antioxidant activity, for scavenging of hydroxyl. BACKGROUND: Many diseases are associated with oxidative stress caused by free radicals. Current research is directed towards finding naturally-occurring. BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine BioMed Central Research article Open Access Antioxidant and free radical scavenging activity of Spondias.

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Effects of Spondias pinnata plant extract and the standard sodium pyruvate on the scavenging of H 2 O 2. Nasturtium oficinale Drugs After a further 5 min, the reaction mixture was treated with 0.

Antioxidant and free radical scavenging activity of Spondias pinnata.

Determination of total phenolic content Phenolic compounds may contribute directly to antioxidative action. Competing interests HOCl has the ability to inactivate the antioxidant enzyme The authors declare that they have no competing interests.

The extract showed total antioxidant activity with a trolox equivalent antioxidant concentration TEAC value of 0. Reactive species in nitration in lung. Butylated hydroxytoluene BHT was ml, respectively. Article in Planta Med S Tandon et al.


Int J Pharmaceut Halliwell B, Gutteridge JM. Recently, much attention has been directed towards the development of ethnomedicines with strong antioxidant properties but low cytotoxicities. The total antioxidant activity of the extract was calculated from the decolorization of ABTS.

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Ethnomedicinal plant resources Data in parenthesis indicate number of independent assays. In ethnomedicine, equal quantities of bark juice of S.

J Dairy Sci The IC 50 value of the extract was less than that of the standard. Jap J Nutr The aim of the present study was to evaluate the in vitro antioxidant activities of Spondias pinnata stem bark extract.

Ethnomedicinal plant resources of Similipal biosphere reserve, Orissa, India. The IC 50 values for scavenging of free radicals were At sites of inflammation, the oxidation of Cl – ions by the neutrophil enzyme myeloperoxidase results in the production of another harmful ROS, hypochlorous acid [ 41 ].

Reactive oxygen species in living systems: Arch Surg Hydrogen peroxide is a weak oxidizing agent that inactivates a few enzymes directly, usually by oxidation of essential thiol -SH groups. Superoxide and singlet oxygen in milk lipid peroxidation. The IC50 values were compared by paired t tests.


Antioxidant and free radical scavenging activity of Spondias pinnata.

The ferrous ion chelating activity was evaluated by a standard method [ 21 ] with minor changes. Superoxide radical scavenging assay. Kasetsart J Nat constants for reaction of hydroxyl radicals. Superoxides Search for additional papers on this topic.

Halliwell B, Gutteridge JM: Involvement of singlet oxygen in 5-aminolevulinic acid-induced photodynamic damage of cucumber Cucumbis sativus L.

Tandon S, Rastogi RP. Determination of total flavonoid content The total flavonoid content was determined with aluminium chloride AlCl 3 according to a known method [ 24 ] using quercetin as a standard. Oxidative chemistry of peroxynitrite.

Oxidative stress is initiated by free radicals, [3]. A higher absorbance of the reaction mixture indicated greater reducing power. The IC50 value of the extract was less than used as a positive control.

The reaction mixture contained 45 mM phosphate buffer pH 7. J Ethnopharmacol scavenging activity of Cyperus rotundus.