Nine-year-old Pedro is pulled into his people’s struggle against the government when he is ordered to write a paper about his family. The Composition by Antonio Sk├írmeta – book cover, description, publication history. Skarmeta, Antonio. THE COMPOSITION. Illustrated by Alfonso Ruano. English-language edition published in by Groundwood Books. Toronto.

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This was a good book. Illustrations of the bust stop when Pedro waits for his father, a hole in an eraser on the desk, and a bullet hole on the classroom wall could be examples. Nov 09, Kelly O’toole rated it really liked it Shelves: This is thee of my favorite stories, filled with so much history and emotional heartbreak from being in times of war and an oppressive society.

The images also show the results of the oppression that Pedro and his loved ones experience. And, in the process, he shares antonoi moments in the lives of families during this scary time. Pedro struggles with what to write. While this is his main focus in life, he begins to notice some disturbing events occurring around him. The word “resistance” is mentioned and “being against the dictatorship.

While the story makes a strong point about dictatorship, the language often seems forced. There is a page at the end explaining dictatorships. Return to Book Page.

The art in this way reflects the tension in the text, and the tension that is felt day to day under a dictatorship. I would love to share this book antoniio my third graders, who have some understanding about types of governments, including dictatorships.

Of course this is all in the hopes that soldiers can find any families that oppose the dictatorship. Why, for instance, do Pedro’s parents secretly listen to the radio every evening after dinner? The Composition tells the story of a young boy who lives under a dictatorship.


We meet our protagonist, Pedro, on his birthday. These may seem like small things but they compoaition from the overall message of the book.

Composition (Tr)

A little boy knowing how to take responsibility. It is filled with details and moments where Pedro bonds with and receives love from his parents, leaving the reader skwrmeta entangled in their story.

Originally published in Spanish in Venezuela, When the police come to his classroom and ask the children to write an essay about what their parents do every night, Pedro must decide what to do. Pedro learns more later by asking his parents when he gets home. It can start conversations of dictatorship, governmental power, and oppression. I think the book would have had a greater impact on me if it had been set in a specific country.

Even though he does not understand fully what is happening,he understands that people are being treated unfairly. What a brilliant little book!

I know many countries in South Composltion are ruled by powerful leaders, but was not sure which ones have dictatorships. Nov 07, Esther rated it really liked it Shelves: Open Preview See a Problem? Pedro does not win the prize and brings home his composition one day. We never learn what country this is, but it is a Hispanic culture. Oct 18, Leslie Morrison rated it really liked it Shelves: Even though there are differences between the culture in this book and that of my students, I think many of them will find the importance of sport relatable.

This story is a Americas Award winner. As the boy writes his essay, the reader is wondering if he is naive enough to write the truth and what the consequences will be. This was a real issue that occurred outside of the US that our students should be skarjeta on.


Composition (Tr) by Antonio Skarmeta | Scholastic

compositjon The illustrations of The Composition keep the reader interested and enhance the written text. It opens up a compposition of extensions and is such a great international book that every classroom library, school library, public library, and so forth should carry to bring those issues to the minds of many readers.

Daniel tells Pedro that his father is against the dictatorship, which is the reason why soldiers forced his father to leave. Pedro is a nine-year-old boy living in a country that is run by a dictatorship. Perfect for a writing activity – ask students to draft their own compositions. From tothe year he left Chile first to Buenos Aires and later to West Berlinhe taught literature at the University of Chile.

Overall, the story is what drives this text and it covers a political situation that many students have not experienced in a sensitive and true way. Life isn’t so fun anymore. He listens as his parents complain about the dictatorship that rules their country. His parents seem worried about radio news reports.

For instance, some illustrations show readers the time periods by describing an old radio.