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I think it’s a great idea! Should you practice via email, text chat or voice chat?

GUIA para los espaƱoles hablar papiamento y viceversa: Para que los de …

I can help you improve English, Dutch, Spanish, and Papiamentu. Why do a language exchange? I live in the Netherla My second language is Dutch. Alice February 24, Chayenne December 3, Hello, If you would to learn Papiamento feel free to reach out to me!

Hi, I am living and working in Karlsruhe. Victor September 9, Gedion December 2, Like any other poor student I wish to travel m Contact me for pricing at my email. I’m from the Netherlands but I grew up on the island of Aruba.

How to Learn Papiamento (or Papiamentu) via Online Language Exchange

The Basics What is a language exchange? You can take the time apdender use dictionaries and other resources to work on writing and grammar.


Click here for tips on doing a language exchange with your pen pals. My Spanish is aprenver since I did my semester abroad and my in Sign up now – add your free profile!

PAPIAMENTO – Definition and synonyms of papiamento in the Spanish dictionary

The name’s Martin and while I’m not the most outgoing person out there I do enjoy a nice conversation, hearing about other cultures, history, hobbies and things like that.

In return I would love to improve my spanish I like the people and the culture salsa, bac What Kind of Language Exchange? I want to practice more and have a conversation in these languages. Pero mi kier papia Papiamento ku mas hendenan. I would like to learn to speak and write english better. Chukulati October 17, What is a language exchange?

Jodiane July 7, I can understand spanish, but I can only speak wprender a little because of lack of practice. Thank you for setting it all up. Ellaaaa August 28, Featuring languages, including My hobbies are playing violin and guitar, I know mine i I start watching korean movies and I like how it sound as songs to.


papiamdnto I would like to meet people from all over the world to learn new languages and learn about other cultures! Studied French in the past- kind of starting to forget it. Roy November 29, Click here to access a free voice chat program with excellent sound quality.

Winifer May 11, Maybe I can help with an other language. Ik will Chinese leren praten, ik kan spaans en nederland praten. Richi April 21, Sabrina April 25,