Examples and Tutorials for AquaLogic Service Bus™ These examples offer several approaches to learning about and working with AquaLogic Service Bus. BEA AquaLogic Service Bus Tutorials Illustrates how to use the AquaLogic Service Bus to do routing, transformation and to create proxy services that interact. Weblogic – Aqualogic Service Bus – EAI – Part 1 This blog is to gather my learnings and understandings about Weblogic(WL)’s Aqualogic.

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In this step, you will import the WSDL resource, and create servoce proxy service and the business service required for the tutorial:. The Java client with which each of the business services interacts. Retrieved from ” https: Please help aquwlogic establish notability by citing reliable secondary sources that are independent of the topic and provide significant coverage of it beyond a mere trivial mention.

The following conventions are used throughout this document:. In the variable text box, enter body.

The tutorials represent typical use case scenarios for AquaLogic Service Bus. The namespace that you are replacing in this case is java: A valid username and password is required to start the server, if a production mode domain is used. Notify me of new posts via email.

It is targeted for service-oriented integration, managing Web Services, and providing conventional message brokering across heterogeneous IT environments.

You must be in a session to edit resources. Install the AquaLogic Service Bus. So, we have completed the installation of ALSB and before I start next topic, you could play around with various options in admin console to get used to it.

Installing Oracle Service Bus 10gR3 on Mac Os X

The jws Web service definition. The instructions in the tutorial documentation are for Windows command shells. This separation allows implementations aquxlogic evolve independently and dynamically, as driven by the needs of the business without requiring costly infrastructure development efforts. The Rename action configuration fields serivce added to the Response Actions pane.


Transforming a Loan Application Data transformation is the mapping of data from one format to another. They can be accessed or modified by actions in the pipeline stages.

At run time, AquaLogic Service Bus routes messages according to the configuration of this default case if none of the conditions configured in the Routing Table is met.

Messages fed into the pipelines are accompanied by a set of message context variables that contain the message contents and can be accessed or modified by actions in the pipeline stages. You can contact PS through your browser by typing http: Prepare Your Environment to Step 3: Thanks and best of luck. The drag and drop functionality works only in Internet Explorer IE browsers. The AquaLogic Service Bus Console comprises JSP-based portlets that support the configuration and design of the proxy service message flows and the associated resources.

It means high availability of your services. In the tutorial you use four different business services. Aqualogoc how message processing by AquaLogic Service Bus is driven by metadata specified as the message flow definition for a proxy service in the AquaLogic Service Bus Console. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: The AquaLogic Service Bus Console enables you to bud a proxy service to suit your needs and to manage Web Services by controlling the service and policy configurations and by monitoring system and operations tasks.


BEA Systems – AquaLogic Service Bus Documentation

Hope you are getting a proper response. Working through the tutorial you will:. See To Rename the Namespace. See how AquaLogic Service Bus uses session management to allow configuration changes locally, and then instantiate the changes in the core environment. To configure the Routing Table Request actions, execute the following steps:. The next section Step 5: Document Conventions The following conventions are used throughout this document: The response pipeline definition specifies the processing that AquaLogic Service Bus performs on responses from the business or proxy service that the proxy service invokes before returning a response to a client.

Introduction to the BEA AquaLogic Service Bus Tutorials

The AquaLogic Service Bus example suite is used as a basis for instruction in the following tutorials. NormalLoan – normal loan application business service CreditRating – credit rating business service LoanSaleProcessor – large loan application business service ManagerLoanReview – manager loan application response business service. Select the LoanSaleProcessor business service.

When a loan application with tutoria amount of the loan greater than is identified, a Web service callout WS Callout is performed to rutorial the customer’s credit rating.

This file sets the environment properties. A primary mortgage company uses BEA AquaLogic Service Bus to identify and re-route loan applications that can be sold to secondary loan companies. It also calls a look up service to get the credit rating of the requestor if the loan amount requested is greater than 25