Aquamacs is an Emacs for Mac OS X that will feel mostly like an Aqua program – while still being a real GNU Emacs with all the ergonomy and extensibility. Aquamacs Emacs Manual August 6, Contents 1 Aquamacs Emacs: a User- friendly E. Tips and Tricks in this Aquamacs Sub-Wiki; Suggestions and ideas Aquamacs comes with a nice manual (easy to access via the Apple Help.

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The file will auqamacs fine when displayed with a aquuamacs or “cat” command, but when you look at it with Aquamacs, some of the space characters will show up as blue underscores. Save the file and exit Aquamacs. Other, smaller, packages provide support for a range of programming languages and other formalisms. Gtypist is a program to help you learn to type. The fit-frame package provides a way to resize windows to fit their contents.

The Emacs for the Mac

To set a color theme a set of colors for the foregrounds of all the types of text that Emacs displays: Aquamacs reads and writes files in all Unicode variants. Your donations keep this project alive. I just want to evaluate little snippets of Lisp code. Use the command “ssh-add aquaamcs.

  ASTM D3612 PDF

aqkamacs These fonts are nicely rendered with antialiasing. Features Downloads Support Development. If the remote system prompts for a one-time-password, as nagman does, you’re screwed. You can use info mode to read an info file that isn’t installed in the standard place.

If I want to bind that to a key some day, the key should be C-c C-v. I didn’t like html-helper-mode at first, but I’m stuck with it. I don’t want to do that – I want comments to use the same color in Bash mode as in Perl mode. The GNU Emacs code-base is patched.

Aquamacs can open a normal OS X manul for each file that is opened – Emacs experts call such windows frames. If you were using multiple displays, and had windows spread around, and now you only have one display, Aquamacs gets confused. It also sucks for any other modes where things are presented in columns, like Man mode.

So on the remote system, edit the. You can use it manually, or turn on autofit-frames-flag.

Aquamacs: Emacs for Mac OS X

Finally, Aquamacs makes use of the capabilities of windows on modern graphical user interfaces. For example, when you use ZTerm and capture a switch console session, ZTerm writes a file with just CRs at the end of each line.

When I run cisl-irving: Then place the cursor in the Font Family input area and type in Monaco. This happened because you don’t have an external Lisp installed – it tried “lisp” and failed. For example, you can easily distinguish LaTeX files on the screen by their beige background color, or use variable-width proportional fonts for text modes only, but stick to fixed width, monospaced fonts for editing code.


No installation, no setup needed. If you change the file and save it, it’ll still look screwy in Terminal. The Mac-standard font Lucida Grande is the default for editing text, and the mono-spaced Monaco is used to other modes. Go into info mode in Aquamacs, type ‘g’, and when it prompts “Go to node: Edit the file and change all occurrences of “my-color-theme” to “Petes-color-theme”.

Fonts just work, right from the menu: Each of the lines basically defines attributes of a face. This is beautiful – comments in C, Java, Perl or shell scripts are all the same color. When you double-click a file written in Aquamacs, it’ll open in Aquamacs. Aquamacs is compatible with GNU Emacs.