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Materials generated in MSW by weight.

The logistics involved in continually transporting and maintaining these devices makes rentals impractical. They do not tolerate contamination with metals, as a large metal object in the chamber could do significant damage in a short time. Finished compost at Fort Riley. The purpose of this Public Works Technical Bulletin PWTB is to transmit current information on composting technology and procedures that can be implemented at Army installations.

These proprietary systems can be quite sophisticated and are designed to 240-49 composting time. The consistency particle size distribution of the finished compost will vary based on the original materials.


This type of activity invariably rips up vegetation and causes erosion problems. It does not include waste from food processing industries. Although composting has not yet become 420-449 in the Army, some installations have developed successful composting programs.

Some trial and error may be necessary ra obtaining the correct mixture is more of a learned skill than a precise science.

This guide addresses composting. Bradttleboro, VT PH: Their typical mixture of leaves and grass takes an average of 4. What type of collection system will most efficiently gather the highest portion of compostables?

Army Publishing Directorate

However, some materials are difficult to handle or take longer to biodegrade such as fats, bones, zr eggshells. Health Service Support in a Theater of Operations. Most of these are made from plastic to prevent rotting.


The installation has recently begun to use a water truck similar to those used in street cleaning. This might not be adequate for a large troop installation. To be published within 6 months. A wheel loader would be the only choice in that situation. After mixing, the container is emptied, and the process is repeated. Chapter 3 gives general guidance on all aspects of solid waste management, including composting in section i. This does not count private citizens composting in their back yards.

Because yard waste can comprise nearly one half of the solid waste stream, banning the landfilling of yard waste has dramatically increased the life expectancy of some States’ landfills. Size Reduction Equipment 1 The particle size of organic materials slated for composting must be small enough to promote rapid decomposition.

Windrows at Fort Riley. Aerated windrows would also require environmental permits. Management of Environmental Compliance at Overseas Installations. A simple wooden zr bin could easily be made with discarded wood scraps like those taken from old pallets.

Nonetheless, Section gives a sample calculation. In fact, the finished compost is of such high quality, the Directorate of Public Works is considering bagging it for distribution to the housing areas. Planning for Health Service Support.


Summary of optimal composting conditions. Appendix A gives detailed information on composting techniques and equipment applicable to large scale operations at Army installations. University of Wisconsin Extension Comm. Low porosity restricts the flow of oxygen into and throughout the pile, causing oxygen depletion and anaerobic conditions.

Tub hammers close up. In the spreadsheet shown in Figure 3, the user inputs the information in the light gray shaded cells: Landfills are very 42-49 to site and maintain.


Army Energy and Water Management Program: Policies/Regulations: AR Series

You must compare your potential compost generation to the demand. A mix of leaves and grass should be augmented with a bulky material e. Remember that people did not start recycling overnight. Construction was scheduled to begin shortly thereafter; several years were allowed for the construction and permitting process. Field Hygiene and Sanitation. Windrows are turned with a Scarab straddle turner, which worked very well, although the turner would occasionally get stuck in the mud.

The program has grown into a successful venture that now composts a high volume of organics. Home or Backyard Composting i Backyard composting is the most practical and cost-effective method for managing yard wastes and some food wastes from single family housing areas.

AR 420-49 Utility Services

The type of waste will, in part, influence the choice of composting technology. 42049 on compostable receptacles. The best example is a leaf pile. These containers can take many forms, but a common format uses modified roll-off boxes figure A Four different types of centralized composting facilities are applicable to Army installations: They also have an enclosed area where, in cooperation with State regulators, they are trying different bioremediation strategies on soil contaminated by leaking underground storage tanks.

Also constructed at the site was a cinder block building to be used as a testing laboratory, with benches, a restroom, and a double bay garage. In the summer ofthe decision was made to suspend the program, pending a re-evaluation of the collection procedure and a cleanup of the composting site.