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AR MILITARY HISTORY: RESPONSIBILITIES, POLICIES AND PROCEDURES. AR MILITARY HISTORY: RESPONSIBILITIES, POLICIES AND. Start studying Military History AR Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. AR Military History: Responsibilities, Policies, and Procedures [US Army] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The United States Army.

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Care will be taken, therefore, to prevent the loss, damage, or destruction ofhistorical materials and historical research collections. Access by unofficial researchers will be in accordance with AR 25——2, in addition to theaforementioned regulations.

The proponent has the au- trol provisions and identifies key manage- within this regulation later takes on thethority to approve exceptions or waivers ment controls that must be evaluated see characteristics of a committee, the propo-to this regulation that are consistent with appendix F. Army Heritage and Education Center individually administer visiting professorships in military historydesigned to enrich the teaching and study of military history at each institution.

The Annual Command History will consist of an integrated narrative and analytical account of the historicallysignificant developments and events that took place in the command during the previous year. The Institute of Heraldry, U. The Center of Military History will also coordinate withthe Government Printing Office Superintendent of Documents to encourage the public sale of selected publications. The user does not have to read a related publication tounderstand this regulation.

The panel is chaired by the Chief Historian. The Center of Military History publications are distributed throughout the Army to addressees with a recognizedneed for historical publications. The inclusion of other important documents is encouraged, but not required. If desired and appropriate, commands may place classified material in a separate supplement sothat the unclassified portion of the history may receive wider distribution.


Relationships with higher headquarters and next subordinate commands, including impact of decisions made byhigher authority. They are compiled for reference purposesand are not considered official Army records.

Unit decoration certificatesCertificates attesting to the award of U.

Certification InspectionThe process by which both Army history offices and Army museums are peer-reviewed for compliance with applicableprofessional standards, regulatory requirements, and legal mandates as prescribed in AR —5 and AR — The Chief Historian will— 1 Serve as the senior professional historian at the Center of Military History and the principal historical advisor tothe Chief of Military History.

All Army historians are expected to attend, and their commands are encouraged to send otherpersonnel engaged in historical activities to this conference.

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Military History Coordinating Committee. The honors of a color-bearing organization will not be changed by the removal of its organic elements. Specific functions of this programfollow: Certified Army museums may request historic flags, colors, guidons, and associated materials for public exhibi-tion from af Center of Military History. Under no circumstances will historical artifacts be used consumptively. This may include the war diary, operations orders, briefings, memorandums, letters, overlays, staffduty journals, organization charts, and personnel rosters.

Coordination instructions are as follows: Interview packageThe following information will be reported for each interview and forwarded to the U. Include significant on- and off-post activities, such as community actionprograms, Unit Days, adventure training, and news items in local newspapers.

AR 870-5 Military History Responsibilities, Policies, and Procedures

In the case of a manuscript to be published or co-published by the Center of Military History, final approval forpublication is dependent on the formal review process prescribed by the Chief of Military History. Army Training andDoctrine Command schools and the Army Medical Department Center and School; corps and division commanders;and commanders of theater and corps support commands.


Minutes of conferences and meetings. Army Historical Program Report. HonorsUnit decorations and credit for campaign participation and war service that have been bestowed by a competentauthority upon an organization. Has the unit established an organizational history program para 6—1b? Military arr detachments are notintended to accomplish major writing assignments, but may be tasked to provide limited technical support to historiansor historical officers of the commands to which they are assigned or attached.

All organic elements of a color-bearing organization share in its lineage.

All mittee scoordinate draft publications,Applicability. Installation and community commanders. Each agency will inform the interviewee of the intended disposition of the final transcript ae the interview.

Army Training and Doctrine Command para n. The use of military history includes— 1 Preserving the institutional memory of the Army. Inactivation, re-designation, reorganization, consolidation, or conversion of a unit will not break its chain ofhistorical continuity.

Manuscripts being prepared forArmywide distribution should conform to the editorial style of aar Center of Military History. The Director, Visitor and Education Services Directoratewill administer public programs including the Perspectives in Military History lecture series, Brooks Kleber MemorialReading series, school education programs K, college and post 8700-5 and interpretive history events.

At service schools, verify theteaching of military history as part of the programmed curriculum, including battle analyses, historical simulations, andstaff rides, technologically enhanced as appropriate, and are part of professional development programs.

Publication program description a. The Chief of Military History may appoint a distinguished militaryofficer for a 1-year period to research and write on a mutually agreed upon topic.