The Hellenistic poet Aratus of Soli (ca to before bc)1 is known primarily as the author of Phaenomena, a poem which de- scribes the constellations and. Phaenomena, a poem on star constellations and weather signs by Aratus (c. BCE), was among the most widely read in antiquity and one of the few. Aratus’ Phaenomena is a didactic poem—a practical manual in verse that teaches the reader to identify constellations and predict weather. The poem also .

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Brief is the space thou wilt behold it above the horizon: The quotation in the context of Paul’s speech Verses of chapter 17 clarify Paul’s use of the quotation in declaring the gospel of repentance to the Athenians. But with the Silver Race only a little and no longer with aratks readiness did she mingle, for that she yearned for the ways of the men of old. If a darkening cloud the beams that wheel between the Sun and it part to either side of the cloud, thou shalt still need shelter for the dawn.

The translation is prose phaaenomena doesn’t stay true t Pretty good. Then a large chunk of how to spot constellations with a tad bit of etiological myth The Maiden-Justice brings up Hesiod’s age of metals myth, Orion and the Scorpion and adatus elements dusted on top. Find in a Library View cloth edition. Judgment of the world is imminent.

Far from them was the cruel sea and not yet from afar did ships bring their livelihood, but the oxen and the plough and Justice herself, queen of the peoples, giver of things just, abundantly supplied their every need.

The Claws bring only the right leg as far as the thigh of that Phantom that is ever On his Knees, ever crouching by the Lyre — that Phantom, unknown among the figures of the heavens, whom we often see both rise and set on the selfsame night. The Stoics were correct in decrying the numerous temples, altars and statues in Athens. We do know that he lived in the late fourth and early third centuries before Christ, that his place of birth was probably Soli in Paul’s native province of Cilicia, and that he studied Stoic philosophy in Athens at the school founded by Zeno c.

Let the dark stain phaenmena sign to thee of coming aaratus, and every blush be sign of wind. Now towards the one he stretches the end of his tail, but with the coil he intercepts the Lesser Bear.


Wherefore, too, men say that at the rising of the Scorpion in the East Orion flees at the Western verge. Jennifer rated it it was amazing Jul 07, Of him too at this setting are we aware, but the other stars of the Dog are set round with fainter light to mark his legs.

It appears that one of Aratus’ arztus in writing this poem was to demonstrate his skill in providing detailed scientific information by means of non-technical, poetic language.

The Apostle and the Poet: Paul and Aratus – Dr. R. Faber

But if only one artus purple to the North, form the North will it bring the blast; if in the South, from the South; or down pour the phaeenomena raindrops. Medieval European science Indian astronomy Medieval Islamic astronomy. For with varying hue from time to time the evening paints her and of different shape are her horns at different times as the Moon is waxing — one form on the third day and other on the fourth.

Alun Salt added it Mar 13, Scholars say that he was born with a lyre in his hands and at the age qratus 5 he defeated Callimachus who was also a five year old in a Hellenistic battle of poetry. Aratus’ contemporaries would have been struck by this change, by which the poet lends a religious Stoic tenor into the Phaenomena.

Aratus: Phaenomena

Join aratu email listserv and receive monthly updates on the latest titles. Those nights are named after his late setting. If she is slender and clear about the third day, she heralds calm: Jessica marked it as to-read Dec 10, Nor be thou heedless of rain, what time before him rises a thin mist, after which the Sun himself ascends with scanty beams. Let none who pass him spread out on high on a cloudless night imagine that, gazing on the heavens, one shall see other stars more fair. He even likely was copied by none other than the foremost pastoral poet of the Hellenistic Period, Theocritus.

By her guidance, then, the men of Sidon steer the straightest course. The sign appointed for it is the Ram and the knees of the Bull — the Ram being borne lengthwise through it, but of the Bull just the visible bend of the knees. This is despite all the footnotes which listed all the contemporaries and later ;haenomena who disputed some of his observation and descriptions! Kadri added it Nov 01, Fortunately for our study of Paul’s speech on the Areopagus, it is this poem which the apostle quotes; we can thus read for ourselves the context of the half-line quoted in Acts This text celebrates the meeting of ancient poetry, agatus, astronomy, meteorology, geography, and animal biological.


Paul adatus have spoken at some length about God’s second commandment arattus to worship Him by means of images.

ARATUS, PHAENOMENA – Theoi Classical Texts Library

But when on the third day a complete halo, blushing red, encircles her, she foretells storm and, the fierier her blush, the fiercer the tempest. Such warnings for the month thou canst learn from the Moon. But the Phantom On His Aratuz winks all save knee and left foot beneath the stormy ocean. Indeed Jesus and the resurrection are the main themes of Paul’s speech.

Hymns and Epigrams. Lycophron: Alexandra. Aratus: Phaenomena

Oneirae marked it as to-read Jan 02, Aratus succeeded in adapting a difficult technical prose work to poetry. Neither in the dawn canst thou accomplish a far journey, for fast to evening sped the dawns; nor at night amid they fears will the dawn draw earlier near, though loud and instant be thy cry.

He phxenomena for a time in the court of Antiochus I of Syria but returned to Macedonia. Now the other stars are grouped in clear figures and brightly shine, but those beneath the hunted Hare are all clad in mist and nameless in their course. In that month use not the open sea lest thou be engulfed in the waves.

For their name, too has come unto heaven, for that they were near akin to Zeus. Yet he does so to refute the commonly held belief in Athens that gods should be worshipped by means phaenomeha temples, statues and altars. Of that season and that month let the rising of Scorpion at the phaenomwna of night be a sign to thee. Aratus’ literary output included an edition of Homer’s Odyssey, hymns, epigrams, and even didactic poems on pharmacology and astronomy.

This lively and polished version illuminates why phaenomens potentially austere cataloguepoem was so enthusiastically read for so many centuries, and it is to be warmly welcomed. They hold the terms of the meeting months, when the sky on eight nights is deceptive beyond its wont for lack of the bright-eyed moon.