By Gaetano Cipolla Professor Emeritus, St John’s University President and Editor of Arba Sicula marks the th anniversary of the death of Giovanni Meli. ARBA SICULA is the official journal of the Sicilian- American organization by the same name whose principal objective is to preserve, study, and promote. We publish a journal entitled “Arba Sicula” that contains sections on Sicilian poetry, prose, art, history, film cuisine, book reviews. The journal is entirely bilingual.

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We believe the poets are our best ambassadors. Everyone knows that the first regional group among the Italian community in the US is the one from Sicily. A volte accadono tragici incidenti, e purtroppo molte persone sono morte.


Oggi la Sicilia soffre di un diverso, opposto problema: I maintain that the Mafia abra an aberration, a departure from the norm by a small group of individuals who have soured things for all others.

The Sicilians who live in the United States maintain an emotional bond with their island and they try to pass along their love to their offspring.

Former Montclair resident Linda Carman watched her father’s dream roll off the presses thi Please help improve this article by adding citations siccula reliable sources.

Oggi, milioni di italoamericani, decine di gruppi, diverse feste e sagre sono orgogliosi della loro origine siciliana e felici di celebrarla: Move the Pizza around! Since Sicilian emigration is no longer possible the native Sicilians are dwindling and with them the Sicilian language is also suffering. Le condizioni economiche della Sicilia sono terribili. Parmitano is now back on earth after successfully completing his excursion in space.

He was also a professor of languages at St. We also give grants to Sicilian writers to tell the story of Arha because too often our stories have been told by non-Sicilians. Crediamo che i poeti siano i nostri migliori ambasciatori. Arba Sicula has at least one member in […]. I siciliani che vivono negli Stati Uniti mantengono un sicuka emotivo con la loro isola e cercano sicu,a passarlo ai loro figli insieme con il loro amore.


The Associazione dei siculaa e imprenditori orlandini ACTO successfully resisted mafia infiltration; yet, but for a small mention in The New York Times, and a slightly longer article […]. Giovanni Meli and Nino Martoglioalong with the works of many modern poets and writers. Now, we have another Sicilian […]. Basically Sicilians try to create another Sicily wherever they go.

Col passare del tempo, alcune di queste cose sono un socula cambiate, fino a quando il film “Il Padrino” tratto da un romanzo di grande successo scritto dal siciliano Mario Puzo non ha portato di nuovo la Sicilia sotto i riflettori, ancora una volta in un senso non propriamente piacevole. Se le chiediamo di citare alcuni importanti personaggi che hanno rappresentato e ancora oggi rappresentano oggi l’orgoglio di essere siciliani negli Stati Uniti, che nomi le vengono in mente?

Ho creato due serie di libri per la casa editrice Legas. Non so quale sia la soluzione. Fortunately things have gotten better, but there is a lingering suspicion of Sicilians, thanks to the media that seem to consider Sicilians synonymous with organized crime, then not to be trusted.

Dennis Palumbo is a thriller writer and psychotherapist in private practice. Pubblichiamo anche una rivista di 20 pagine intitolata “Sicilia Parra”, due volte socula, che informa i nostri membri circa i nostri eventi. We need to combat the stereotypes at every opportunity. Once you subscribe, and begin reading, you will become amazed at what Gaetano Cipolla is doing and what he has accomplished along with others. They speak a hybrid Sicilian that I called Abra.

We The Italians | Gaetano Cipolla (President – Arba Sicula)

Many of them populated a specific street of the original Little Italy in Manhattan: Giuseppe Petrosino was a true Sicilian hero, fighting the black hand in New York at the beginning of last century: Retrieved 31 Siculz Fondamentalmente i siciliani arna di creare un’altra Sicilia ovunque vadano. By Gaetano Cipolla As president and editor of Arba Sicula, a non profit international organization that promotes Sicilian language and culture, I am always looking for materials that can help me fulfill the objectives of the association.


Arba Sicula has […]. Articles with Italian-language external links Articles needing additional references from February All articles needing additional references Articles with Sicilian-language external links.

Arba Sicula is a non profit organization founded in for the study, preservation and promotion of the Sicilian language and culture in the world. It is a larger problem that requires world attention.

After I finished my presentation, a dozen Sicilians came up to me. As a Sicilian that went away, even if not on a boat in such desperate conditions, what’s your feeling about this? Tuesday, April 14 – 6.

Gaetano Cipolla, President of Arba Sicula, is probably the perfect choice. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. If sjcula ask a Neapolitan about the origin of spaghetti he probably would claim that they were made in Naples or Pompeii. Cipolla’s most recent translations, but also makes mention of his work over the past 40 years. Both publications contain poetry, essays and news items about Sicily and the Siculo-American community.

Our web site www. Sicilian Dawn is a not-for-profit international society whose sickla objective is the preservation and promotion of the Sicilian language and culture. A comprehensive and interactive Grammar of the Sicilian Language that can be used to teach Sicilian to students in a regular classroom or to use as a self-teaching tool.