Learn how to use ArcGlobe™ and manage its data content. In order to use this tutorial, you need to have the 3D Analyst extension and. ArcGIS installed and. ArcGlobe The other software package in 3D Analyst is ArcGlobe—a startlingly effective piece of 1 Using ArcGIS 3D Analyst Tutorial—available through Esri. Creating 3-D maps in ArcGlobe – a Grand Canyon fly through: Home The tutorial “Finding Digital Elevation Maps (DEMs) for use in ArcMap.

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Another difference between the two applications is the ability of ArcScene to support stereo viewing. Floating, Draped and Elevation layers.

We can tweak the symbol settings to get it scaled to its actual size and tuforial but this is probably pretty good for now.

This is one of the reasons why ArcScene is optimized for smaller study areas with less amounts of data. Available with 3D Analyst license.

You have an aerial photograph, 3D polylines for the vertical drill paths, multipatch data for underground salt domes, and 2D lines for qrcglobe outgoing oil pipelines. Make animations of the images you generate. ArcGlobe supports the terrain dataset, but ArcScene does not. Once on the map it arctlobe pretty agcglobe to navigate around. Being spherical, this application is optimized for visualizing geography at a global scale.

This allows for fast display and visualization as you zoom in and out, pan around, and navigate to different places in your ArcGlobe acglobe. You also have a TIN for elevation relief. It also renders a representation of the surface of the earth more realistically than other projections.


Although ArcScene is enabled for remote desktop access, performance can be very limited. Floating layers are layers on the globe but not attached to the surface in the help files they give examples of airplanes and clouds…. ArcScene projects all data in an ArcScene document according to the first layer added to the document. Hold both buttons down and drag to pan the view.

An ArcGlobe Tutorial | GIS Blog

With this tool active, you can left-click-hold and move the globe around. Display of KML data. I get this screen first:.

All data added to an empty ArcGlobe document is projected on the fly to this coordinate system. Animation move layer along path. This allows me to set the scale at which tutorisl layer is visible. Dynamic hillshading layer properties symbology and rendering display options. By default, an Imagery layer is loaded as a disappointingly out of date satellite image.

ArcGlobe is an excellent application for visualizing large, global data.

Exercise 6: ArcGlobe Basics

For maximum performance, cache your data, which will organize and copy the source data into tiled LODs. A few things to highlight here before we go on. You also have a raster DEM for about 10 square miles around the wells. Tutorizl zoom in, right-click-hold and drag the mouse down towards you — opposite to zoom out. ArcGlobe projects all data onto a globe-shaped surface using one particular coordinate system—Cube Projection. I generally accept this and click Finish.

This option is particularly useful with annotation feature classes, which can be draped on the surface or automatically billboarded to face the viewer. In ArcGlobe, you have the option of displaying vector data as rasterized on the surface layer or rendering it as a vector layer with independent properties from the surface layer.


The first window I get when adding the data is this one:. Start Free Trial No credit card required. The Add Data button gets us access to our layers. When you click on the Symbol image you get the Symbol Selector:. Again, it inserts it under my Imagery layer argh so next I drag it on top, play around with the symbology set the non-visible cells to No Color, reset the visible cell colour, add a bit of transparency and reset the view:. Learn more about the ArcScene coordinate system. It is a software lever that gives you an intellectual advantage in looking at the world.

To identify the best candidate locations for placing a forestry fire watchtower.

Working with ArcGlobe and ArcScene

We can use this to set features to real-world size if we want. The 3D navigate tool at the left is used to move your viewpoint around.

Automatically spin the globe around its axis, looking from any vantage point. Since ArcGlobe is designed to be used with very large datasets, you should cache your data for optimum performance. All data is loaded into memory, arcglobw allows for relatively fast navigation, pan, and zoom functionality. In global mode I might navigate here:.

With Safari, you learn the way you learn futorial. ArcScene is the best choice for these reasons:. Stay ahead with the world’s most comprehensive technology and business learning platform.