Ari Hoenig. 17K likes. This is my Official Band Page. I have a new record just out. It’s called The Pauper and the Magician!. The latest Tweets from Ari Hoenig (@AriHoenig). drums. new album Jan’ BUY at iTunes: NYC. Features. Ari Hoenig. His success proves that if you’re resourceful and persistent, you can make your way in New York City perfecting your own style, your own.

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They released two records on the Smalls Records label: The Nonet performs Ari’s original compositions arranged by Noam Wiesenberg and features various other players in the New York area.

InAri released the 3 part video entitled Rhythm Trainingabout time and rhythmic vocabulary.

Inin affiliation with the National Endowment for the Arts, Ari was awarded a “Meet the Composer” grant to perform his compositions with his own group. Retrieved 5 January Connecting emotionally with people is one of the beauties of what I try to do. I do that quite a bit.

You created a dramatic promotional video for your new album. To the Bosphorus MD: Smalls Musicians – if you have not yet been registered please contact us aari set up the artist account.

Is that solo based on four-way coordination?

CD, DVD and Book Reviews

Bosphorus had ideas and they heard what I was playing; they made something similar to those, and then I made alterations. Bosphorus Lyric series 1. I enjoy working with four-way coordination.


The second half is all standards. In Ari signed a multi record deal with Dreyfus Records and released his first record for them called Inversations which featured Jean Michel Pilc and Johannes Weidenmueller.

Ari Hoenig – Modern Drummer Magazine

In collaboration with bassist Johannes Weidenmueller, Ari has finished a book on metric modulations due out in Mel Bay Publishing. But I have a way of playing over rhythm changes, which is what that track is. After playing in each other’s trios for some time, Ari and Arri Michel formed the Hoenig Pilc Project in to meld their two trios into a single, hoenug bold musical statement.

You can also scrape it on the cymbal or use it to actually strike the cymbal or the bell. There may be specific things one grip is better for than another, but the differences are very slight. Currently Ari leads two bands which both play his original music.

As a drummer, Ari Hoenig’s success has been unprecedented. Retrieved 1 Xri When you develop something, changing one element and seeing how it feels can lead to improvement. Usually that boenig from playing a song and having the song be very clear and singable.

I never use traditional grip, though I used to play brushes with traditional grip. Clarity in general is important to me. Steve Hackett by Will Romano. I just had to feed everyone!

Ari Hoenig Trio

Working on dynamics came from some steady gigs I had during college. Let the other musicians get on the plane! Ari continues to build on the concepts of these two records by playing largely improvised solo concerts using a regular four piece drum kit and no percussion.


Peter Donald by Robin Tolleson.

CD, Book and DVD Reviews | Ari Hoenig

It gives you the possibility to really connect with people. The bass line is in seventeen, and the band is playing in wri time signature for much of the song. In Ari signed a multi record deal with Dreyfus Records and released his first record for them, “Inversations. Ari looks forward to his next Dreyfus release on which “Punk Bop” will be joined by Chris Potter on tenor. They released two records on the Smalls Records label: Everyone in New York City is so hip.

He attended Pennsylvania Governor’s School for the Arts in summer I learned to use specific words to describe the sound I was hearing. Is booking a jazz group tough these days? From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I can use them for electronic or groove or funk and jazz.

Ari Hoenig born November 13, is an American jazz drummer, composer, and educator.