Fact is a poor story-teller as Maugham reminds us. Fact starts a story at random, rambles on inconsequently and tails off, leaving loose ends, without a. Ashenden or: the British Agent [W. Somerset Maugham] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From dust jacket flap: First published in When war broke out in , Somerset Maugham was dispatched by the British Secret Service to Switzerland under the guise of completing a.

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He was afraid Bernard would think the inquiry an attempt to laugh at him. It would be as well to let the General have the number of his room so that he could come up if necessary without enquiring of the porter, and at the next stopping-place Ashenden got an envelope from the station-buffet and made him address it in his own writing to himself at the post-office in Brindisi.

He spoke French even before he spoke a word of English, a fact to which some critics attribute the purity of zshenden style. Ashenden speculates about what she has seen, what she knows, and whether she was trying to tell him something.

It is dated, but still the eloquence is lovely to hear audiobook This is a rather dated book World War Ibut worth reading for the language and the time-capsule effect of the stories.

There are only three occupations that befit a gentleman, war, cards and women; mauggham costs nothing to sling a rifle over your shoulder and take to the mountains—and that is real warfare, not this manoeuvring of battalions and firing of great guns—women love me for myself, and I maughqm win at cards. This is a moment that ever fills me with apprehension and I have to steel myself to turn over the cards that may tell me that disaster awaits me. The subordinate clause One specific tic is his habit of inserting a subordinate clause in the middle of a sentence highlighted in italics in the examples given above and below.

Once more his eyes were held by those other eyes in which was all that remained alive of that old, old woman.

Ashenden by W. Somerset Maugham: Book Review

His travelling companion is an American businessman called Harrington, who bores Ashenden with his talkativeness. Views Read Edit View history.

All the lucrative posts were given to other people, we were being made to pay taxes as though we were tradesmen, and we were exposed to abominable affronts. It was done so discreetly that he could not be quite sure, but he had a feeling that a suggestion floated in the air that a clever writer could do his country a good turn and make a vast amount of money for himself if he cared to enter into an arrangement that would bring to a troubled world the peace that every humane man must so sincerely desire.


The blind soldier, a big, vigorous fellow, was quite young. The game played now was contract, with which he was not very familiar, and the stakes were high; but the game was obviously but a pretext and Ashenden had no notion what maugha game was being played under the rose. It is that heavenly anguish that the saints speak of when they are seized with a ahsenden ecstasy.

I’m sure your speech will come back to you in a minute.

To Ashenden it looked as though it were in a single movement that he tore open his waistcoat and from his belt snatched and opened a long knife of murderous aspect. I felt her body stiffen with attention, I was conscious of a flicker of her eyelids, there was something, I hardly knew what, the hand that stroked my face was dry and cold; a sudden suspicion seized me and all at once I remembered what the cards had told me: Who would ever think of you?

He could hardly keep his eyes open while he undressed, and the moment he flung himself into bed he fell asleep. Ashenden had no friends in Geneva. It has a beginning, a middle and an end.

Ashenden by W. Somerset Maugham (1928)

He seems as vain as a peacock. Love and Russian Literature 16 pages A comic maigham of his pre-War infatuation with Russian maigham and revolutionary Anastasia Alexandrovna Leonidov, who suggests they find out whether they really are a match by spending a week in Paris together before running off and abandoning her husband.

However, having said this, the chapter where Ashenden recalls a past love mauggam of his own ‘Love and Russian Literature’ is probably the weakest section of the book.

It is not my fault if she dies in the hotel. Harrington as he cannot stop talking for their 11 day train voyage. Lovely characterizations, good eye for settings.

Novel Review The Great Impersonation: They were parting at Rome and he thought it necessary to come to an understanding with his companion about their respective movements. Ashenden is a collection of short stories inspired by Maugham’s work as a spy during WWI. They seldom return to the hotel till dawn.

A casual glance told him maugyam the detectives had looked and taken note of his manuscripts. In he was spying while writing a comedy, “Caroline,” ashenen in London in He described a spacious life that seemed to belong to another age and his eloquent gestures brought before the mind’s eye tawny distances and vast green plantations, great herds of cattle and in the moonlit night the song of the blind singers that melted in the air and the twanging of guitars.


The Colonel, who was known in the Intelligence Department, as Ashenden later discovered, by the letter R. The different tales take you on a journey of the playwright only known as Ashenden Somerville it is insinuated that this is not his real name w This is a collection of short stories can be treated as a collection of short stories, except there are some repeated characters, so you can’t ashennden them out of order relaying the fictionalised conquests of Asbenden.

A Trip to Paris 24 pages Ashenden receives a coded message telling him to go meet R.

Maugham—both in this book and in the cosmopolitan atmosphere of his short stories—was a great influence on spy novelists in general a Somerset Maugham’s Ashenden: He ashendej certain that she had something that she wanted urgently to say to him. Since mauugham had so many advantages for espionage, it was fairly safe to suppose that an alert secret service had enlisted her services and Ashenden took it for granted that she was engaged somehow on the same kind of work as himself.

If I were a writer I should write detective stories.

This British Spy Thriller Shows How Thrill-Less Spying Can Be

The Flip of a Coin – Flipping a coin to determine a potentially fatal decision. He returned to London to promote it then looked around for some way to support the war effort. One story takes place on the Trans-Siberian Railway.

He sipped his brandy and R. The night-porter woke me and said Monsieur Bridet wanted me to get up at once. They give you the materials for a dish and expect you to do the cooking yourself.

Giulia Lazzari – Concludes the tale of Chandra Lal. He doesn’t pride himself on sleeping around like you might expect from a spy like James Bond. Ashenden was written by Somerset Maugham and published in He began telling Ashenden of the vast territories, the haciendas and the mines in Mexico of which he had been dispossessed.

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