This self-study course is designed to be taken at your convenience and on your own schedule. You have 90 days to finish the course from the time of purchase. Readed, ASME B Surface Topology – Free download as PDF File .pdf) or read online for free. Revision: Published Date: January ; Status: Superseded By: Superseded By : ASME B; Document Language: Published By: ASME International (ASME).

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The digital approximation is: Skids normally supplied with conventional stylus-type instruments often have too small a radius to provide accurate readings on surfaces rougher than If the latter, then the long-wavelength waviness qsme characteristic is that produced by a Gaussian profile weighting function as defined in para.

The maximum recommended values of static measuring force are determined by the stylus radius. The direct result of this filtering process is a smoothed asmee is, one whose short wavelengths are attenuated. Section 9, Filtering of Surface Profiles, carries on with the traditional specifications of the 2RC cutoff filter and introduces the phase corrected Gaussian filter as well as band-pass roughness concepts.

If another cutoff ratio is deemed necessary to satisfy an application, this ratio must be specified. The transmission characteristic near the short-wavelength cutoff of the roughness transmission band shall be equivalent to that produced by two idealized low-pass RC networks, with equal time constants, in series. The measurement is to be taken normal to the nominal profile within the limits of the waviness evaluation length.

  ASTM D5470-06 PDF

The composite image is overlaid with interference fringes indicating the difference in height between the two sheared images. Areamethods maybe divided into two classes, area profiling methods and area averaging methods, as defined below.

If specifiedflaws are not present, or if flaws are not specified, then interruptions in the surface azme of an engineering component may be included in roughness measurements. R,; – the vertical distance between the highest and lowest points of the profile within a sampling length segment labelled i See Fig. Scott, Texas Instruments R.

Profilometer and 3D Optical Profiler – Filmetrics

However, this section does allow for the measurement of the area profiling parameters, AR, and AR, as alternatives to the traditional profiling asmr. The form of the nominal profile could be a straight line or a curve see Fig. ASME does not “approve,” “rate,” or “endorse” any item, construction, proprietary device, or activity. The change in static measuring force in the z direction over the as,e z measuring range of the pickup. For graphical determinations of roughness, the height deviations are measured normal to the chart center line.

The Type I instrument is listedbelowandthe Gaussian filteris described in Section 9.

The World’s First $19k 3D Profilometer:

If this force is too large, the stylus will plow through the surface irregularities instead of following their profile. Both types of lines extend symmetrically about the aame. The hysteresis of a pickup is the difference in the measured stylus position for upward versus downward stylus motion. To assure reasonable accuracy, pilot specimens should be rated by calibrated measuring instruments.


ASME B – Roughness Standard – Mechanical engineering other topics – Eng-Tips

One of the beams serves as a reference because it illuminates the stationary point on the surface on the axis of rotation. This can be evaluated as showninFig.

For example, in a raster scanning system, an instrument may have a very small sampling interval along the direction of each scan line, but may have a large spacing between adjacent scan lines. Section 12, Specifications and Procedures for Roughness Comparison Specimens, describes specimens that are axme for the testing and characterization of area averaging instruments.

Thanks in advance, Mike. Variations in any one of the conditions may require changes in ssme specified surface characteristics.

For specimen surfaces having nominal R, values of 6. Also shown are the amplitude density functions h i s t o g r a m s of surface height.

Optical Society of America, This may be accomplished by applying either of the following expressions; the first is analytical, the second, digital: These include rms roughness R, waviness height W, the meanspacing of profile irregularities S,, andseveralstatisticalfunctions,aswellassurface parameters for area profiling techniques.