Air-Cooled Steam Condensers Performance Test Codes A N A M E R I C A N N A T I O N A L S T A N D A R D ASME PTC ASME. ASMEPTCRAir-Cooled Steam Condensers-This Code provides test methods for conducting and reporting thermal performance characteristics of. ASME PTC (R) Air-Cooled Steam Condensers This Code provides test methods for conducting and reporting thermal performance.

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Gantnier, Bechtel Power Corp. Steam Duct Corrosion Allowance in.

Any omissions or ambigu-ities as to any of the conditions are to be eliminated ortheir values or intent agreed upon before the test isstarted.

Note that where thisCode refers to NIST standards and calibrations, othernations equivalent standards laboratories may be usedas appropriate for the locale of the testing. The general approach is to incorporate the dimensions of the required geometry into the CFD model.

Any ;tc or uncontrollableconditions that violate the provisions of Sections 3 and4 shall be described in the test report. Data validity can be assured by examining the statisti- cal data variation. The calculations performed with the model are pre- sented to give a general appreciation of the effects of wind. The performance test report shall include the individual identification and location for each instru- ment used in the test so that calibration history can be traced.

Attached Files for Direct Download. Correspondence shouldbe addressed toSecretary, PTC See Nonmandatory Appendix D. This edition of PTC The walkwayor fan bridge is ase suggested location. Thedata underlying the curves in Fig.

Hays, Honorary Member, Retired T. Generally asne duration of 1 hr is sufficient to ensure collec-tion of a valid data set. The instrumental uncertainty of each of the test parameters is summarized in Table C Persons wishing to attend any meeting should contact the Secretary of the PTC PTC Gas Turbines.


Wind direction shall be measured by a vane-type device, which may be integral to the anemometer. In the wind cases, a 5. Aeme mass balance should consider condensate pump discharge flow, ancillary drains, make-up water, condensate pump recirculation, other flows, and tank inventory change, as applicable.

The measurement points shall be located downstreamfrom the fan discharge plane, within the air stream, asnear to the fan deck elevation as practical. The total uncertainty for the series of test runs is calculated by: Design conditions are as follows: The Code is not intended for tests of a devices for which the process fluid is above atmo-spheric pressure b devices for process fluids other than steam c devices for single-phase process fluids d wet surface air cooled condensers e natural draft or fan-assisted air cooled condensers1 f air-cooled condensers with inlet air conditioningin-serviceThe determination of special data or verification ofguarantees that are outside the scope of this Code shallbe made only with the written agreement of the partiesto the test.

A formal data sheet should be constructed so no readings are overlooked.

ASME PTC 空气冷却蒸汽冷凝剂 – MBA智库文档

Because of the variety of methods and instruments used in the conduct of performance tests, the test uncer- tainty must be determined by an uncertainty analysis 2 based on ASME PTC Phc Number of heat transfer units. Atmospheric pressure, kPa Manual readings using local instrumenta- asne, although not recommended, are an alternative.

Between the MCC and the motor terminals, there is a line loss; power measured at the MCC must be corrected as follows: ASME procedures provide for reconsideration of any interpretation when or if additional information that might affect an interpretation is available.


A pretest uncertainty analysis shall be performed toestablish the expected level of uncertainties for the test,including an estimate of the random precision zsme based on experience. The air removal sys-tem is typically supplied and tested as part of the ACC. Also called margin or allow-ance, and not further considered in this Code.

Particular care shall be taken to ensurethat all piping and connections are leak-free. The agreement shall reflect the intent of any applicable contract or specification. It may or may not providefor personnel access. Each of these vari-ables 330.1 measured with test instrumentation but the mea-surement of each parameter has an associateduncertainty.

Before amse work of revising or drafting up a Code began, a careful review of PTC 30 wasundertaken and some field-test experience with that Code was reported to the Committee.

If not possible, then condensate pump recirculation flow and branch flows must be isolated or measured.

ASME PTC 30.1-2007.pdf

The method and results of this asne be mutually agreed between the parties and takeninto account in the fan motor input power measurement.

The calibration range shall cover the Reynolds number expected for the pipe at the design flow. Your Alert Profile lists the documents that will be monitored.