Smith continues the saga of the Courtney family of Africa begun in with When the Lion Feeds. In this installment, Leon Courtney, ladies’. Wilbur Smith has won acclaim worldwide as the master of the historical novel. Now, in Assegai he takes readers on an unforgettable African adventure set. Assegai (Courtney Family Adventures) [Wilbur Smith] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Wilbur Smith has won acclaim worldwide as the.

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Assegai took its sweet time to get going, building Leon’s background, as a military man and hunting guide, so that we could understand his final phase or wilbjr in the last act was important to the story but it was a bit too long for me. The narrator did a great job, coming up with at least 10 different voices and accents to help the story come to life. To say the least, Leon Courtney is hard to believe, as is his love, the extraordinary young woman whom we first meet as Eva von Wellberg.

The Courtney Series: The Assegai Trilogy

The only major drawback is that there is a lot of animal killing, which I am not a asaegai of reading at all. I did enjoy it in parts, but President Theodore Roosevelt has made him one of the most sought-after hunters on the continent. Leon and Eva – who reciprocates Leon’s feelings – flee to Lusima’s village in the mountains, where they consummate their love for one another. Asinine would be more accurate Even so, I read th Wilbur took a Rest!

The descriptions of the scenery and the animals are extremely good and the author evokes the spirit of paternal colonialism in all its refulgent glory. The Masai customs and rituals added extra colour to this story as did their support of Leon Courtney, the main character and his love, Eva. I found mysefl for the first time ever hoping that the ‘baddies’ would kill everyone just so I could finish the book.

I have loaned it to another member but when It is returned, I will quote here some of the romance lines. While spying, Leon assevai desperately in love with von Meerbach’s beautiful and enigmatic mistress, Eva von Wellberg. Until of course white people with big rifles arrived. I read it wilburr because I needed a book in my life badly assebai it was what I had on hand, but I read it quickly just to hurry up and get it out of the way.


It also featured a cheezy and predictable love story. April Learn how and when to remove this template message. More than a wilbbur times our Courtney boy gets so damn lucky one has to wonder why Smith even bothered to include the scene at all. Something to look out for in the assevai hand book shops. And instead of becoming an advocate for animal rights,the hero’s focus shifts drastically when he agrees to a bit of espionage.

Assegai (Courtney, #12) by Wilbur Smith

Approached by his uncle, Penrod Ballantyne, Leon agrees to help keep his eyes and ears ope Smith ups the ante in this Courtney novel, lucky number thirteen, which has very fluid ties to its predecessor. Glimpses of African tribal life and African history were indeed of interest,but the paternalism and obvious glorification of Britain rather intruded.

With the intricacies of the Courtney backstory, Smith has a great deal on which to build and does so effective, which still injecting a newness to the story and unique angles to build on the rich foundation. I wouldn’t normally read this type of book, but it was given to ne by a friend and I found that I actually enjoyed it. Levy rated it liked it. None of the characters even the leads were anything worth rememberingand it was all very “basic” character development.

Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you’ll love. Often times he includes graphic scenes of boy meets girl, which I personally don’t care to read. I pushed through all of this though, as I knew there was a wonderful story within. Mar 13, Anastasia Perrou rated it it was amazing. Apr 02, S. Leon learns how to fly an aeroplane from Otto, and falls in love with Eva von Wellberg, Otto’s mistress.

As the action unfolds in the years before and during the First World War, Assegai throws light on the historical sideshow that was the struggle between German and British colonial silbur in that theater so many thousands of miles from the Somme and the Argonne. Obviously well done by the master storyteller, however, this plays out too much like a Wilvur nazi-spy epic. Soon, he finds that with celebrity comes not just wealth–but also danger.

Otto tries to kill her, but is shot by Leon, who captures the rest of the crew and has Lusima’s people hide the money aboard the Assegai in the mountains. Assegai is a consummate feast of a story that is rich in vivid description. In the beginning I almost believed it, because he seemed to have an arc. Leon Courtney is the main character and, despite being only 19, he is an adventurer at heart, leading safaris and getting involved with spies.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It tells the adventurous tale of a young white African man, just 18 at the outset, who displays his seemingly superhuman prowess as a soldier, a wild game hunter, a fighter pilot, and a lover.


My book club generally liked the book with agreement that the historical setting, pre world war I in East Africa, was interesting — especially the aut A selection of my book club to be discussed next week. I felt there were chosen just for the benefit of the story pointless might I say. After a fallout with his father, Leon Courtney leaves home and joins the army with a little help from his uncle, Penrod Ballantyne.

Another Wilbur Smith classic, love the ability to be transported off wssegai a different world in a different era. Nov 11, John P. The events in the story are linked to and precede the outbreak of World War One. As a writer I am always impressed when I can learn new words, and I ended up with a long list of them to add to my vocabulary.

As far as a recount of hunting wild animals in Africa go this book was ok but even then it wasn’t so great. Back to Africa with the Courteneys, and safari treks and wilbuf action, Smith is back to his “old form” after his blip on the good writing radar screen with Quest! They are war-mongerers but subjects of the greater evil which is being dealt with by the British army in Africa. All in all, a genuine, stylish, smirh written historic novel with lots of adventure, incredibly well-researched details, and an exciting plot to hold on to until the end.

Book 1 of The Courtney Series: From that moment, I have been in love with this author.

Assegai by Wilbur Smith

His books loom large on the shelves of bookshops in many parts of the world outside the U. Even the name lacked creativity. Yes, hunting with big rifles was kind of cowardly even back then, but a big lion running at you is still a big lion running at you, whether you’re armed with a rifle or not, and after you miss a couple of shots, my guess is your adrenaline kicks in have you seen the movie “The revenant”?