Série de référence créée en par Alphonse Chérel, la collection “Sans Peine ” permet à un débutant d’apprendre en moyenne 2 mots de vocabulaire. Assimil Language Courses: Le Suedois sans Peine 1 (Swedish for French speakers) Book only (French and Swedish Edition) [Assimil Staff] on Amazon. com. Assimil Language Courses / Le Suedois sans Peine Vol. 2 (Intermediate/ Advanced Swedish Language Course for French Speakers) – Book only ( Swedish.

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William Fovet Year of first publication: I do have the nearer course written by William Fovet, including the Cds.

Message 5 of 14 16 April at FrenchGermanLatin. I believe that the length of audio and the richness of vocabulary offered by a course are not the only factors to consider when judging its quality, but the change seems to reflect the general trend, often peinne on this forum, of newer editions of a course to be less substantial than the previous ones even when claiming to take the learner to the same level of proficiency.

Assimil Le Suedois Livre – Swedish for French Speakers (swedish by William VG

Thanks for any insight! Copyright FX Micheloud – All rights reserved No part of this website may be copied by any means without my written authorization.

The Tome 1 cds can still be bought through the German base, which Assimil sells. I actually don’t know if the French version is renewed but it is said that the older versions are better while the newer seem to be watered down.


If anyone is wondering how I know this? Finally, one question that is often asked about Assimil is whether it is possible to study a third language after only learning French through Assimil French Without Pain.

Assimil. Le norvégien sans peine (Audio: Norsk uten strev) [AUDIO] – Все для студента

I own both of them. Message 8 of 14 17 May at Their service is really good and you get every information that is needed. First, some preliminary remarks: The last 4 cds were not available for the German base.

If you are uncertain contact assimilwelt. RussianSwedishFrench.

They are even able to explain you all the differences between both versions. Its in German With Ease 1 person has voted this message useful.

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The audio for the German version has the number 1 on its cover, so it may well be they’ve recently changed the French version, but the German one is still the old version. About ten years ago they fused and condensed those two volumes into a new single one, pages, apparently also including some minor revisions or updates of content.

Tome 2 cds are no asns obtainable through Assimil, but I found Tome 2 cds are available through Amazon.


Assimil Swedish vs (Language Programs, Books & Tapes) Language Learning Forum

Message 4 of 14 15 April at 8: I do not know if the current course contains as much material as the older two volume course. Message 1 of 14 14 April at 5: Out of the sellers Amazon. Who is online Users browsing this forum: Message 6 of assimio 16 April at 5: Message 3 of 14 15 April at 5: I personally have no idea how anyone now can get the audio lessonsif the French base Swedish has been changed. If the lessons are identical, I think it’s safe to assume that the audio is too.

Did they just combine volumes 1 and 2 of the French version into one book?

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