ASTM B The ASTM B Copper-Accelerated Acetic Acid Salt Spray, ( CASS) Test This test is performed in accordance with the specifications found in the. ASTM B Copper Accelerated Acetic Acid Salt Spray (Fog) Testing. Can be used to test the relative resistance to corrosion of anodized aluminium and. Testing Specifications of Cyclic Cycles we have met – ASTM, ASTM B, ASTM B, CASS, ASTM G85, GMW, GMW, SAE J, Ford CETP.

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Reagent grade copper chloride dihydrate is then added at a rate of 1 gram to 4 litres of salt solution. This is because it is a relatively thick zinc coating which under favorable conditions reacts with the small amount of carbon dioxide in the air over the months and years to form tight, glassy, complex zinc carbonate reaction products which greatly slow the corrosion of the zinc.

We have a standard salt spray test equipment, but we want to do CASS test on this equipment. Metallic coatings like galvanizing and nickel and chrome plating are inorganic. Typical exposure lengths in hours are: Pankaj, I doubt the standard ashm that specific, it is probably more a matter to discuss with your customer. Unfortunately, I think the answer is that you will not know the real world life of your cadmium substitute, or how it compares to cadmium in the real world, except by real world testing.

Also known as the CASS test, this test is commonly used to evaluate paints on steel as well as to determine corrosion resistance of various aluminum alloys.

Asttm materials and coatings corrode in fundamentally asttm ways such that CASS test results have essentially no bearing on their anticipated life. ASTM B [link by ed. None of our competition has built their company on the impressive credentials we have.


Among the tests offered are:. That said, you generally cannot correlate accelerated tests to tests such as NSS for numerous reasons. If they only require that the non-knurled areas pass CASS, then you should be fine. Select from list below: In a salt spray chamber these carbonate reaction products never form, and the zinc corrodes away rather quickly.

It will give you a different corrosion mechanism. For more specific safety precautionary information see 8.

How to compare ASTM B Salt Spray and ASTM B CASS Test?

It’s not possible to diagnose a finishing problem or the hazards of an operation via these pages. He didn’t say how they defined failure in the test or the field.

There is no simple formula or factor to convert one test to another.

Referenced Documents purchase separately The documents listed below are referenced within the subject standard but are not provided as part of the standard. Auto Technology is also committed to its customers.

All information presented is for general reference and does not represent a professional opinion nor the policy of an author’s employer.

Some automotive fuel components have this type of plating and CASS testing. The standard does not specify the type of test specimen or exposure periods to be used for a specific product, nor the interpretation to be given to the results. From beautiful Pine Beach New Jersey: Select from list below: It’s only pages, and then you won’t be guessing whether your procedure complies based on internet rumors: In either application, certain variations in the test procedures for different substrates and coatings may improve their predictive value.

Accelerated corrosion testing is a QA measure often undertaken to get an early indication if something goes out of whack in the processing, such that the components are unlikely to survive the previously expected period in the real world. For example, hot dip galvanizing is no doubt the most durable of any finish, often surviving on electrical transmission towers for 75 years or more with no maintenance. They all induce different corrosion mechanisms on different substrates.

  IEC 60456 ED 5.0 PDF

CASS Test — Copper-Accelerated Acetic Acid Salt Spray (Fog) Test — (ASTM B368, B117)

No other units of measurement are included in this standard. In a salt spray chamber these carbonate reaction asstm never form, and the zstm corrodes away rather v368. We are developing an alternative to Cadmium plating, and if there is a comparison that someone has done, it would be great to find the results of the comparison, i.

We can recommend a test length, and also an inspection frequency. Use of the test has improved the quality of electroplated parts and led to the development of new and superior electroplating processes.

This sort of thing is usually agreed upon between a customer and supplier based on technical experience and judgement. It was a blast from the past hearing from you: Benefit from the Auto Technology Proficiency Testing Program Businesses that contract Auto Technology for corrosion testing services can benefit from support for a wide variety of environmental tests, from salt spray tests, salt water immersion and tests for thermal shock, temperature or humidity, conductivity, PH, UV exposure and specific gravity.

You’ll also have to run periodic tests to verify that your correlation is still correct. Should we consider the parts having failed the CASS TEST when pits appear in chromium layer or when the pits have crossed the nickel layer and copper appears?

For more specific safety precautionary information see 8. How can we help?