Astragalus gombo is a species of plants with 2 observations. ?id= 1 reference. stated in · GRIN Taxonomy for Plants · retrieved. 16 March A water soluble polysaccharide (WSP) was extracted and purified from Astragalus gombo seeds (Fabaceae) harvested in Septentrional Sahara.

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Astragalus – Wikipedia

Xu Astragalus hostilis Boiss. Astragalus andersianus Podlech Astragalus andersonii A. By astragalsu this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Astragalus ackermanii Barneby Astragalus acmophylloides Grossh. Astragalus spinescens Bunge Astragalus spinosus Forssk. Astragalus semilunatus Podlech Astragalus semnanensis Bornm. Gray Astragalus keratensis Bunge Astragalus keredjensis Bornm.

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Jones Astragalus cinereus Willd. Retrieved 10 December Astragalus ugamicus Popov Astragalus ujalensis Gontsch. Peter Astragalus supervisus Kuntze E. Astragalus ornithorrhynchus Popov Astragalus oroproselius Rech. Gray Astragalus robustus Bunge Astragalus roemeri Simonk.

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Astragalus longistylus Bunge Astragalus looseri I. Astragalus microcymbus Barneby Astragalus microcystis A. Gray Astragalus gezeldarensis Grossh.

Astragalus kurtschumensis Bunge Astragalus kuschakevitschii O. Nelson Astragalus adpressipilosus Gontsch.

Astragalus gombo Bunge — The Plant List

Astragalus macrocladus Bunge Astragalus macrodon Hook. Astragalus pseudochlorostachys Ali Astragalus pseudochorinensis N. Nice colours and composition.

Retrieved 9 December Astragalus saratagius Bunge Astragalus sarbasnensis B. Deml Astragalus phlomoides Boiss. Watson Astragalus scaphoides M. Chen Astragalus humifusus Willd. Astragalus korovinianus Barneby Astragalus koschukensis Boiss.

Astragalus jaxarticus Pavlov Astragalus jejunus S. Gray Astragalus utriger Pall. Thorne Astragalus aucheri Boiss. Deml Astragalus englerianus Ulbr.

Astragalus edmondsonii Podlech Astragalus edmondstonei Hook. Astragalus phoenix Barneby Astragalus phyllokentrus Hausskn. Vassiljeva Astragalus goreanus Aitch. Xu Astragalus chamaesarathron Rech. Ho Astragalus taiyuanensis S.