Okay, I just finished Xero and thought I would drop a few lines about it for those who haven’t tried it yet and are curious. Peter Cummings to ATHLEAN-X. What I will say is that Jeff Cavaliere does an outstanding job with the Athlean-X series and the his related physical therapy series on YouTube. If that is anything . Check out this video on Streamable using your phone, tablet or desktop.

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Over Insane bodyweight exercises! Submit a new text post. Then I’ll move on the others after that. I learned a lot during the program as well xdro with your youtube videos.

Let me help you choose a program program selector. Then I really needed the help to get me back onto training but the right way. Do you not have space for a home gym?

The Afhlean Clock defines precision! The program claims to have different workout every day. Well you only need a power rack, a bench, a barbell, some weight plates and some resistance bands. There are a couple back exercise with some less that work rotator cuff.

They usually have lying on your back and push your chest up with your elbows search reverse push up on google. A better example would be: There isn’t any skill training. ahlean

Athlean-x just some marketing scheme?

The programs on the stickies are real and professionally written. The way that XERO is structured allows for anyone that completes the program to repeat it and continue to be xreo. What I will dero is that Jeff Cavaliere does an outstanding job with the Athlean-X series and the his related physical therapy series on YouTube.

I ate super healthy, my body fat went down and I just gained a lot of mass. Actually more than half-way. I am looking to be as light as possible excess weight just slows you downbut also be as strong as possible.


Come lock and loaded if you want to stand a chance!

Athlean-x just some marketing scheme? | MyBroadband

I haven’t done any workout that didn’t involve core one way or the other. Chris Weber – 26 Years Old. Not the program you are looking for? That said, it is scalable to challenge people from moderate to advanced levels of strength.

That is true, but the full body athelan workout always use the same structure but not the same exercises. The high intensity workouts are always really different, with different kind of challenges.

Also could you give an example of strength routine?

I bought Athlean Xero “yesterday” May 25th, it’s May 26th right now for meand I finished the first workout and the ab workout about We all have a dark side, and this workout is no different. I have to say that I am completely satisfied with the results of my workouts with Athlean-x Athlean Xero. Biceps have even less, I just remember one.

ATHLEAN XERO | Bodyweight Workout that Builds Serious Muscle | ATHLEAN-X

Now, where is NXT??? I started the program my 12th week into recovery from hernia surgery – I had 3 hernias from work, so that put me out of the gym for about 3 weeks and then I slowly was rehabilitating myself at the gym.

I hit the wall in the 5th week and really had to push through week 6, it was a hell of a system. Do you have what it takes to push through and achieve your goal or will you give in to fatigue? I managed to “acquire” a copy of AX1 a while back, just for testing purposes.

Do I need a DVD player to follow this program? As I said, I am not looking to go to their extremes, but that what my goals are. Give it a bash and see how it goes? This football inspired workout strips out the iron from gridiron and leaves you with one bodyweight-only beast!


You can see them hoisting hundreds of pounds on barbells in gyms throughout the world. From what I can tell there is a few people that says that Atlean-x is a very good system to work, e. I don’t have access to a gym, and honestly I have such a busy life right now I don’t have time to get to a gym right now Overall, I can say this is a good program, really well built Jeff does know his stuff.

I am looking to be as light as possible excess weight just slows you downbut also be as strong as possible. And he has you training fairly hard. Sounds like the claims from Convict Conditioning that convicts and strong men who train bodyweight have super powers and can pull big weights with their hair.

Now I haven’t followed any of those other programs so I can’t give a deep comparison. Is that why you’re going down the calisthenics route?


That said, as mentioned above, XERO is designed to continue to deliver results with each successive round of the program, making it an incredible long term investment in your health and physique. Those trainings were beast, and I really enjoyed getting better and better every time I did the same one.

This takes some of your favorite exercises and pairs them with their evil twin. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Thread starter Necuno Start date Aug 17, WOW is all I can say, athean was exhausting!