Dhirubhai Hirachand Ambani (Gujarati: ધીરુભાઈ અંબાણી) also known as Dhirubhai, (28 December – 6 July ) was an Indian. Dhirubhai Ambani is not an unheard name to an Indian entrepreneur. As the founder of If you’re born poor it’s not your fault but if you die poor it’s your fault. Read Biography: Dhirubhai Ambani book reviews & author details and more at Accounts; ›; Biographies & Autobiographies; ›; Biography: Dhirubhai Ambani.

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Know more about his childhood, life, works and achievements in this biography. Dhirubahi Ambani who created a wealth from zero he is my inspiration. He could do all this just because he could dream, and dream big.

Though by the end ofthe newspapers coming from India were painting a dhirubai gloomy picture of the country’s finances and foreign exchange reserves, there was also a new vigour and a new fervor in their reports of a new Rs 10,crore five-year Plan then under preparation. By now he had saved some money and was thinking of setting up some business of his own.


The New York Times. Dhirubhai Ambani was an Indian entrepreneur who founded Reliance Industries Limited and made it one the largest private sector comapnies in India.

To complete the transaction, the much money was provided to the stock brokers who had bought shares of Reliance, by Dhirubhai Ambani. He was the financial wizard of Reliance Corporation [ citation needed ].

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During this period, Ambani and his family stayed in a two-bedroom apartment at the Jai Hind Estate in BhuleshwarMumbai.


At the bottom of the article, feel free to list any sources that support your changes, so that we can fully understand their context. A stroke in somewhat slowed him down and he handed over the reins of the company to his sons.

Besse acted as trading agents for a large number of European, American, African and Asian companies and dealt with all sorts of goods ranging from sugar, spices, food grains and textiles to office stationary, tools, machinery and petroleum products.

He liked the new job, though it was a lot more demanding than the desk job in the commodities section. Unknown 6 October at At one point of time, Ramnath Goenka is believed to have said “Nusli is an Englishman.

The answer to this was provided by the then finance minister, Pranab Mukherjee in the parliament.

Dhirubhai Ambani Biography

Retrieved 9 November There he learnt accounting, book keeping, preparing shipping papers and documents, and dealing with banks and insurance companies. These investments were routed through many autbiography like Crocodile, Lota and Fiasco. It was his second stroke, the first had occurred in February and had paralyzed his right hand. Gurumurthy and another journalist, Mulgaokar consorted with President Giani Zail Singh and ghost-wrote a hostile letter to the Prime Minister on his behalf.

He started his career as a ambzni at A. Albert Einstein, German-born physicist who developed the special and general theories of relativity and…. Aden was the biggest trading port autobiograpby the times, a trading port where goods landed from all parts of the world and were dispatched to the farthest corners of different continents. Kumar Mangalam Birla Indian. And, there in Aden, A.

Dihrubhai Ambani was born in a Modh baniya family to Hirachand Govardhandas Ambani and Jamanaben in the village of Chorwad in the district of Junagarh. I cannot work any more.


By using this site, you agree to allow cookies to be placed. Criticism Despite his almost Midas Touch, Ambani has been known to have flexible values and an unethical streak running through him.

InReliance Industries was one of the two Indian companies to be ranked among the top in the Fortune list of the world’s largest companies by revenue. Our associates will get in touch with you. Some began returning home to India, while some chose to settle in Britain. During lunch break and after office hours he was always in the local bazaar, trading in one thing or the other.

Jamsetji Tata, Indian philanthropist and entrepreneur who founded the Tata Group. Hirachandbhai had been unwell for quite some time and had grown extremely weak and frail.

The settlement caused autobography enormous uproar in the market. Ramanathan Raja Ramanna C. It was engaged in almost every branch of trading business-cargo booking, handling, shipping, forwarding, and wholesale merchandising.

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However, a drop in the valuation of the rupees globally steepened the project costs. MumbaiMaharashtraIndia. Dhirubhai felt tempted to speculate but had no money for that and was still raw for such trading.