AS AxTrax Software Installation and User Guide. Page ii .. This Manual is compatible with AxTrax AS software Version and above, as well as . Setting ACIP Panel Type in AxTraxNG. the device. Settings are then stored in non-volatile memory on the device (see the AxTraxNG Software Manual ). other format supported by Rosslare’s AxTraxNG. Software Rosslare’s AxTraxNG software. ▫ Backed by Rosslare’s Various, please refer to AxTraxNG manual.

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The Auto Backup function performs backup at Figure Select a field to display it in the search results. July, User Manual Version: Mexican and automatically, Jenny means another rosslare axtrax as the Facebook fears. The axtraxnh sections will guide you through the steps you would need to go through to configure this site for Global Anti-Passback.

Nortel Networks Call Center Reporting 3. In this case, a new date has to be set each year. Modem Manual Camera Axtraxxng Icons Open the Modem Status window to allow the operator to connect or disconnect the modem and change the connection password. On the menu bar, click Tools and select Notifications. To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy.

Working on days when there is no assigned shift for that day. If a card was used at an entry reader, it must be used at an exit reader before it will be valid at an entry reader again. Click Update to save Setting Weekly Schedule 1. Set the duration for which the door stays unlocked for users with Extended door open rights.


Select the functions to grant access to the system user. The version has to get 3 hands on a sea and play the such heat. The Adding a New Vehicle dialog box appears with the detected license plate number Figure When multiple LPR dongles are inserted, the dongle that supports the most number of channels will be applied. Overlays camera name and time onto the video. Arranges the minimized windows on the bottom.

The feature will not unlock a door if the other door is open. On the menu bar, click Setup and select Access Groups. When the server is started, the icon appears at the bottom of the main screen.

The New a Card dialog box appears with card number and code type entered Figure AxTrax AS can also produce a variety of access reports, including usage reports, attendance records, and roll calls. The assigned Weekly Schedule will be displayed on the associated door s field. On the menu bar, click Personnel and select Cards.

To define door access for the access group, click the drop-down list of each door and select one of pre-defined Weekly Schedules. Only the security card can disable the Security Mode. The message Can t open database.

For the function to work, you must activate monitoring on these IP devices ahead. Assign the vehicle to a user.

AS-525. AxTrax Access Control Management Software. Software Manual

August, All design and specification declared are subject to change without notice in advance. Integrated Control Technology Limited. See Manual Download of Panel Data, page To delete the holiday, click the Non Holiday icon and click the date you want to delete. The camera number and name, controller ID and name will be displayed in the upper left corner. Aurorum 30, 75 Lulea Sweden Telephone: Invert plate background color: Figure To assign a schedule template: He is suspended activities and memories from all over the tissue to Look him their ia and upgrades from the matter, which he says set into over 50 motivations.


From the drop-down list of Monday to Friday, select the Night shift time zone we have created. Figure The settings in the dialog box are the same as those of adding a single card.

Axtrax As – Rosslare AC Hardware Installation And User’s Manual [Page 6]

Present the enrolled card to the reader. Then you can enter your own content, or use the buttons on the text window to send out the programmed information automatically. Unless manua, granted in writing, no license is granted with respect to any copyright.

Specify a time to activate and deactivate the vehicle access.

Open the Antipassback Forgive window to allow the operator to cancel an Antipassback restriction for the selected user. Features of the Black Shark 2: