History has it that the mystic significance of the Bakatue festival is to bring all sons and daughters of Edinaman together in a very unique way. Nana Kojo Conduah VI said this during a grand durbar of chiefs and people of Elmina on the 11th July to climax this year’s Bakatue Festival, in the. Bakatue Festival. Literally translated to mean “opening up of the Benya Lagoon into the sea”, Bakatue symbolizes the beginning of a fishing season, which is.

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Bakatue Festival

This Festival is also climax with a durbar of chiefs and people. This policy is subject to change at any time and without notice. After the procession and the giving of various addresses by select chiefs and invited guest, the chief priest casts his net three times into the Brenya Lagoon. Although the administrator will attempt to moderate comments, it is impossible for every comment to have been moderated at any given time. It will expire by itself.

Please enter the email address. It is a historical festival which portrays our unsurpassable rich cultural heritage; that which spiritually inspires us and makes us proud as a people of with a common ancestral descent. A cookie may be set on your computer. The drum also plays a very important role in the invocation ceremony.

Edinaman celebrates Bakatue Festival + [Photos] – atlfmonline

All the fish that is caught by the net, during the ceremony, is offered to the gods as a symbol to thank them for the harvest. This policy contains information about your privacy. See Ghana and Cultural Sites. Terms and Conditions These terms and conditions contain rules about posting comments. In the olden days the sacred shrine itself danced to the rhythmical drumming. The day ends with merry making after the durbar.


The wonderful ceremony include processions drumming, singing and dancing in the town. Nana Conduah VI took the opportunity to call on the president Bakkatue John Mahama to restore payment of monies accrued from the Elmina castle to the Edina Traditional council immediately to help Edinaman develop.

He also expressed his appreciation for the ongoing construction of the Bridge over the Benya Lagoon and the fish processing factory which are nearing completion.


The willful neglect of this expensive obligation may force a defaulter to go into banishment, as non performance of the purification rite is sacrilegious. He said, the August national sanitation day will be the turn of central region, and hoped that all would join to make the exercise a big success. The young men do this as penance for wrongs and defilement blameable against women folk. The royal procession passes through the principal streets of Elmina and stops for a brief period of time balatue the sacred shrine where final purification ceremonies are performed.

At the appropriate time the 77 states gods descend simultaneously and, spiritually possessing the performing priest, direct and control his actions and utterances. The opening up of the lagoon.

Bakatue Festival , – GWS Online GH

It has mounted on it a white flag festvial facing easterly direction symbolising the glorious victory over the Fantes in the war of It is set aside and consecrated to the tutelary deity and consequently observed as a sacred day of rest. All necessary customary bakatuf are performed on this day. It is a festival, which has for us a sacred upliftment of hearts.

Omanhen, chiefs and indigenes of Elmina in the Komenda Edina Eguafo Abrem municipality of the Central Region on Tuesday celebrated their annual Bakatue Festival amidst pomp and pageantry which displayed their rich cultural heritage.

Consequently, tradition requires widow to cleanse themselves by terminating. Apart from boosting tourism, clean environment would also make them live healthy life and prolong their festivall. Sign up via our free email subscription service to receive notifications when new information is available. When linked with Bakatue Festival it is a day of great Jubilation as the bakwtue of Edinaman celebrate the commemoration of the founding of Elmina by Kwa Amankwa The festival day Tuesday is synclosised with the opening harvest and he ushering of new crops into the markets.

Bakatue falls on the first Tuesday of July the month of Ayewoho each year.

The Edinamanhen and the Paramount Chief for Edina Traditional Area, Nana Kojo Conduah VI, has called on his subjects to uphold good baatue cleanliness and sanitation in within their communities to attract tourists to the area. A fishing net was cast on his orders for the first time in a month to signify the lifting of the ban on fishing. These terms and conditions contain rules about posting comments.


Information Services Department P. Username Password Remember Me Log in.

Failure to comply with these rules may result in being banned from further commenting. That schedule was to be w90rked out from the phases of the moon which stipulated that the first Tuesday of the month of July of each calendar year shall be observed as a festival day in commemoration of this man-deity meeting. Please enter at least one item. A royal procession leading to the chief’s palace amidst traditional music ends the festival.

By submitting a comment, you are declaring that you agree with these rules: On Monday evening the eve of the festivalAkyemfo assemble in front of the Shrine to present a sheep as sacrificial offering in compliance with custom to signify the advent of the lifting of the ban impose six weeks previously. This once a year meeting has withstood the test of time and though Benya has been cestival and consulted without ceremony in times of need, whenever this meeting is executed with ceremony, the result is the Bakatue Festival.

Before the celebration of the festival a – six week ban on fishing in the Balatue Lagoon is affected as well as a ban on drumming and any form of noise making.

This resounding of the third and final Dombo takes us to Tuesday morning the much-awaited day.

Muskets were fired to signify the lift of the ban on noise making. The administrator has the right to edit, move or remove any comment for any reason and without notice. Festivsl exchange of yarn and fish between Eguafo and Edina respectively at this material time is a pointer of the historical close-knit unity of the two traditional areas. By submitting a comment, you are declaring that you agree with these rules:. The sounding of the Royal State drum Aketsewta warns people to take cover bakatje give way to the deity.

It also portrays the rich cultural heritage which spiritually inspires Edinaman as a people with a common ancestral descent. I have read and agree to the terms and conditions.