The rituals of the Hexagram, while sharing certain surface similarities to those of . The invoking or banishing Hexagrams of Saturn are suitable, within certain. Then thou shalt consecrate and guard the place wherein thou art by the Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Hexagram. Then thou shalt perform the Lesser Invoking. The lesser banishing ritual of the hexagram has an important if overlooked use before any ritual and it takes its lead from the Key of Solomon.

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Its ability to be inscribed exactly within a circle abnishing, like the Pentagram, that its significance devolves from the divine unity. It is similar to the inertia that someone has when starting the work. Liber 36 is best first approached in this manner.

At the same time, beginners often can have excellent experiences with planetary invocations. Drawing the four Elemental Hexagrams in the ritually proper fashion is somewhat complicated, and you have to begin the learning process by thoroughly memorizing the differing positions of the planets on all four forms.

The sign of Mater Triumphans is also called the sign of Set Triumphant.


Magick is extroverted, as Mysticism introverted, signifying that this ritual should involve a synthesis of both. The magician effects the union of opposites within themselves in whatever manner and on whatever planes their level of initiation allows them to.

A single Elemental Hexagram is formed by using two triangles, and each point of a triangle is assigned to one of the traditional celestial spheres as in the following diagrams: This does not necessarily signify a sexual act, except insofar as a sexual act is a reflection of the true formula of the Rosy Cross, which is the union of subject and object in Samadhi, the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel.


Therefore it is called the Flaming Hexagram, or the six-rayed Signet Star. A thorough and full grounding in more general magical work is one of the best means of avoiding these difficulties.

The initials now give: The exact procedure to do bxnishing is presented very unclearly in the original texts, and the tendency has been for various oral traditions to arise with different approaches as to method. The Analysis of the Key Word.

This is Liber 36, The Star Sapphire.

Though this is not specified, one would presumably then vibrate the names associated with the ruling planet, as above. Rather than providing a magical circle, which the invoking ritual would still do, it serves to break down existing restrictions and structures. SolOsiris, Slain and Risen. This is a form of the cross upon which the rose blooms, understood in the Thelemic tradition as a symbol of the union of opposites.

Practice drawing them in lines of light in the four quarters.

Rituals of the Hexagram

It is a symbol of the beginning of the night, the light shining in the dark. If you are trying to use magic to take control of an already chaotic situation, it would be unwise to banish Saturn because you are making matters worse. Thank so much and let the light of LVX continue to shine upon you.


One of the missing parts of Golden Dawn teaching about the Lesser hexagram was the critical placement of the solar symbol in the centre. Rituql shalt not trace an external circle round each Hexagram itself unless thou wishest to confine the force to one place — as in charging a Symbol or Talisman.

The number of the ritual is 36, which is the square of 6, the number of the Hexagram, of Tiphareth and of the Knowledge and Conversation of the Holy Guardian Angel. The inferior Planets are Venus, Mercury, Luna. These movements recapitulate some of the symbolism of the Kabbalistic Cross, as described in Chapter 7. In yexagram Hexagram rituals the directions are Sidereal, based upon the cross formed by the fixed signs of the Zodiac in the heavens.

Each quarter invokes one of the four possible combinations of these aspects.

Lesser Ritual of the Hexagram

Starting from the point assigned to that planet, draw the first triangle clockwise from that point to invoke. One begins an endeavor with a sense of initial enthusiasm.

This ritual form can be modified, as above, to invoke particular signs of the Zodiac and Sephirah. In this the Signs shall be those of Set Triumphant and of Baphomet.