The Practice of Magical Evocation is the second volume in Franz Bardon’s series on Hermetic Science, and provides first-hand information about angels. for these. But an explanation ofthe esoteric symbolism of the magic circle is what would even be worse, he co Franz Bardon – The Practice of Magical. 1. 2. Practice of Magical Evocation – Merkur Edition – If you like this electronic copy, please consider buying the original from htt:// or.

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Rock-crystal, again, is a very good fluid condenser for the magnetic fluid. Bearing bardoj facts in mind, it comes natural that the magic circle has to be drawn in complete accordance with the views of life and maturity of the magician. The magician should never try to accumulate the electric fluid several times and then the magnetic fluid several times; for the equilibrium of the fluids inside the wand must be maintained.

With the permission of Divine Providence, the spirit of a high Hermetic adept entered the body of a fourteen-year-old boy named Franz Bardondestined to become one of the most evocatjon magicians of the 20th century.

It is the magician’s contact with the macrocosm in his highest step of consciousness.

The Practice of Magical Evocation by Franz Bardon.

They all depend on what the magician intends or wants to use it for. Ceremonial magic thus makes possible an easier working with occult powers by the use of various aids. They alone knew the truth but kept it a secret. ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics.

Lighting the magic lamp is, from the hermetic point of view, equivalent to lighting the magician’s inner light, and having it burn like a flame. Taking all the measures recommended regarding his adjustment to all magical instruments, the magician will bring about, in himself, an extremely strong manifestation of faith, of will, and all properties of the law, and thus increase his magical authority that he will be able to influence a being or a force, by his will, to bring about the results he is expecting.

Physical incensing with the necessary ingredients will only facilitate the creation of the electromagnetic fluid. You can ask him questions on his page. In the hands of a magician, a wand charged in this manner, which can heal people miraculously over the widest distances, is, no doubt, a blessing for the suffering man. The most ideal circle, however, is the one sewn or embroidered into a piece of cloth, flannel or silk, for such a circle can be laid out in a room as well as outside of the house.

Charlatans and stage illusionists are still making use of it today, trying to throw dust into the eyes of their audience by all sorts of tricks. His enlightenment is symbolically expressed by the lamp. And taking is driven by the ego.


Besides this, all other measures must be taken, like, for instance, the insulation of the rod with white silk, its secure keeping and so on. One could query whether the rod needs to be charged at all, since the magician’s will should suffice. There are no miracles as such, furthermore there is also nothing supernatural. The magic mirror thus becomes an astral channel of communication.

The Practice of Magical Evocation by Franz Bardon

In the Christian religion, for example, there is the Trinity: Also before use id suggest to follow initiation into hermetics and have done at least 2 years of continuation meditation before use!

Such a force, however, can only be exerted without danger by a magician who has a clean heart and a noble soul. His will and the orders he gives to beings or powers are equivalent to the will and orders of the Infinite, the Divine, and must therefore be unconditionally respected by the beings and powers the magician has conjured up. They were written with the intention of allowing students who wished to practice magic the means to do so if they could not study under a teacher.

It may be used for evocation of beings or as a protective means against invisible influences. He may take, for this purpose, a golden crown with magic symbols engraved on it, or he may take a cap or some other headgear with the symbols of the macrocosm and microcosm of the deity with whom the magician is connected or whose shape he is taking on.

The Practice of Magical Evocation. In the case of magical operations for which no magical weapons are needed the lines of the triangle may be traced by a magic wand or with the forefinger alone. It is an indispensable implement for magicians dealing exclusively with demonology and who therefore would never get any positive results unless they were using a magic sword.

Have you worked with any Bardon entity?

The diagram, that is the drawing by which the Divinity is expressed within the circle, is subject to the religious concepts of the magician. An appropriate disposition along with strong will and faith might, however, enable one to produce an oscillation in the own microcosm which is agreeable to the being, and one might mavical be able to get into contact with the being, in a similar procedure been described in “Initiation into Hermetics”, i.

This happens, above ail, at the moment the magician is standing in the centre of the magic circle, for it is by this act that the contact with the Divinity is demonstrated graphically. A magic dagger is manufactured the same way as ptactice magic sword. Later on one is not a little surprised that the fish has quickly perished. When working with positive beings the colouring of the individual spheres in shiny light may only be a very slight one.


A sorcerer, too, may use this or that out of his knowledge of magic with good or bad intentions, no matter whether he uses positive or negative powers. We’re featuring millions of their reader ratings on our book pages to help you find your new favourite book.

To say that the magic wand symbolizes the absolute power of the magician is truly justified. If a sorcerer tried to do the like he would only make the being hate lractice and would soon become a victim of them and their influence. Merkur Pub Co; 2nd edition August 28, Language: He actually is, to use common terms, a swindler.

The Practice of Magical Evocation

God, the creator of the universe, has not created anything unclean or evil. Order Your Copy at Amazon. The Practice of Magical Evocation has been newly translated from the original German version.

In the chapters that follow, I [Franz Bardon] shall describe the most important magical instruments and their symbolic analogies as far as their practical use is concerned, and how they are to be generally used in a ceremonial magical operation. The pentagram to be seen within the circle is the symbol of the microcosm, the small world, which must be fully developed in the magician, i. East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion.

The Practice of Magical Evocation by Franz Bardon

The evocationn is recommended to accumulate in his own body, prior to every use, the revelant fluid in order to be strong enough for the work with the accumulated fluid of the wand. Under charging the wand with certain universal qualities is understood qualities such as omnipotence or other specific ones which the magician needs for his realizations in the mental, astral or physical planes and which are concentrated into the rod in the same manner as described above.

The effect of such a circle on the mental or astral plane, indirectly also on this material world, depends, in this case, on the grade and strenght of such an imagination. Above all, prwctice magic wand evocaion the symbol of the will, the power and the strength by which the magician maintains his influence on the sphere for which he has made and charged it.

Following the principles which by now are already well known to the magician, each power or being will only have effects within the spheres into which it has been called and in which it has been condensed. All those can be happy who hold this book in their hands.