The Cancer Cure That Worked! Book review. by Barry Lynes. I was challenged by a supporter of medical quackery to read this book as it was sure to convince. A detailed account of Rife’s inventions and discoveries is the subject of The Cancer Cure That Worked. This startling book documents events from to the . THE CANCER CURE THAT WORKED. THE RIFE “Barry Lynes is one of the greatest investigative health reporters in our country. With the assistance of John .

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James Couche made the following declaration: Abrry a front page article of the San Diego Union on November 3,Rife is quoted, “If one man is a bac- teriologist and knows what is needed and another is a mechanic who tries to build it, they may get somewhere, but they will do it slowly and imperfectly.

Rife eventually collapses, it will reveal a monstrous, hidden area of 20th century and 21st century murder and mayhem. They had heard or read about the new Rife microscope, but only Rife and Kendall had one, and few knew a second microscope existed in Kendall’s Chicago laboratory.

No special diets were used in any of this clinical work, but we sincerely believe that proper diet compiled for the individual would be of benefit. Roy will tell you about Tom: In desperation, this 9 compromise is perhaps being too eagerly accepted.

The Cancer Cure That Worked – Fifty Years of Suppression! : Barry Lynes :

Now that man was 82 years of age. The clinic was a first, tentative, experimental step.

Inthese researchers prepared to make a presentation before the New York Academy of Sciences. This “new” knowledge has defined, but not answered, many questions. Justice Department will initiate some serious investigations into this, until now, “off limits” area established by the Byzantine power politics within the National Cancer Institute NCI.


It must be the result 25 of a consensus of opinion among these many individuals. Unfortunately, there were few esteemed bac- teriologists who were not frightened or awed by Rivers. Inhe opened a clinic which successfully cured 16 of 16 cases within three months time. There is now convincing evidence that life existed on Earth at least 3, million years ago.

The Cancer Cure That Worked – Fifty Years of Suppression!

The horror barrt such a thing as a true cancer cure being suppressed and covered-up for decades by U. He is not one of the heroes of this story. They wasted Rife’s time by having him make a demonstration in Philadelphia the next year, and then they failed to keep their agreement on the techniques he showed them, instead insisting on their own— which mined the proce- dure. They eventually did break him and many of those who collaborated with him, but not before Rife left records, microscopes, electronic fre- quency instruments, and methods which will enable later gen- erations to establish an entirely new form of painless, non-drug healing.

But even after he was forced from his position of power because of a revolt from several state delegations of doctors, the policies he had set in motion continued on for many years.

The size of the csncer virus was indeed small. But, I still think that a properly qualified scientist or clinician could learn more in two weeks by actually trying the things himself than he can learn by correspondence in a year.

Rife wrote in his book: He got so well rhe he asked permission to go to El Centre as he had a farm there and he wanted to see about his stock.

Because the Rous virus has been around for so long, it has been carefully categorized.

Rife discovered that pig meat and mushrooms were a natural cause of cancer in which the cancer virus liked to grow. Years later, after the arri- val of television, an associate of the then deceased Rife would explain, “The viruses were stained with the frequency of light just like colors are tuned in on television sets.


Even scientists are not immune to this human instinct.

Thousands of stains and staining techniques, evolved over many years, have contributed heavily to complexifying the art of microscopy. One of the many areas in which Pasteur and Bechamp argued concerned what is today known as pleomorphism— the occurrence of more than one distinct form of an organism in a single life cycle. The next day he drove back without any rest whatsoever – so you can imagine how woorked had recovered.

Couche was not a heavyweight in California medical circles as was Johnson. But we cannot longer thus stand. His nerves were just like cold steel. Barry Lynes makes a strong case for replicating Rife’s works, his microscope, and especially the electromagnetic fre- quency cjre that Rife’s associates used successfully in the clinical treatment of cancer. I feel quite sure that Dr.

Full text of “Lynes Barry The Cancer Cure That Worked The Rife Report”

The Post article concluded, “These human experiments have gone largely unchallenged and unquestioned by Congress, the medical profession and the scientific community at large. I could not have “seen” this if I had not “known” what to look for. It is by the late Sloan-Kettering chemotherapist David Kamofsky: He remained in that position until his death i His areas of research, articles and books include economic theory, climate changes, history, U.