Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh. This question comes from reading Bhai Kulbir Singh Ji’s riddle about 22 Vaars. Bhai Sahib Ji. bsMq kI vwr mhlu 5 () basant kee vaar mahal 5. Basant Kee Vaar, Fifth Mehl: siqgur pRswid ] () ik-oNkaar satgur parsaad. One Universal. I read this: #. U11lSbK9KSM. It says that 11 recitations of basant ki vaar = a person.

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Guru Nanak Dev ji Bani on muslims dancing in a circle, basically spinning on the spot. Posted April 28, In alliance with Khalis Foundation. What about our youth who cannot even wear a dastaar any more and plat their hair and tuck it behind their heads and wear a bandana on top – did the Gurus teach us that?

Transmigration thus annulled, the self merges in the Creator. Basant Ki Vaar Question March 04, The devil ran away with his followers when he went to see his Gurbani teacher in india. Important Information Terms of Use.

Basant Ki Vaar Question

The op post a link where it takes you to a Kundalini site that says Kundalini yoga is the main practice and the Gurus Bani is there as a helper. The Basant ki Var is made up of three pauris stanzas only and each pauri consists of only five lines.

The Gurbani teacher had a huge argument with the devil because the devil lied to his naive only english speaking students about what Gurbani teaches. Who are these murakhs taking about the devil?

Yogi Bhajan does not equal Bhai Mani Singh. But here we have a Sikh who is teaching yoga and he is the devil. You are commenting as a guest. If yoga concentrates the mind, if yoga helps you in your naam simran then good for you I say. Since it is relatively short, it would be easy for someone like myself to include it in Nitnem and it would be of great help to hear more about Basant Ki Vaar from Bhai Kulbir Singh Ji or any other GurSikh caar has experience of doing Paath of this Bani.


Yet your so called native “brothers” get totally bladdered on sharaab and meat, but that is okay, they are native Sikh brothersshaaah baaash!. Print View Tweet Facebook.

By mahandulai Started 23 hours ago.

Basant Ki Vaar –

This is purely a Christian concept, no devil in Sikhi. The site says before doing Basant ki Vaar do one of the two different mantras, which is Gurbani mixed with the devils teachings. The real reason behind this too, only Guru Sahib jee knows but we can only conjecture that Guru Sahib jee did not find any Salok that would match up with the Pauris of Siri Basant kee Vaar. My theory ko Mahaparloh.

The devil was hiding his true basanh teachings from the Sikhs of Punjab. Vaarr Topic Older Topic. The devil knew if the Sikhs found out. With respect to Siri Akal Ustat, Siri Guru jee did such lofty praise Ustat of Akal Purakh that one gets astonished and awed but basantt ending it like this Guru Sahib jee is giving the message that it’s not possible to complete the Ustat of Vaheguru jee.

This Pankiti also contains the secret of Jugti of Naam Abhyaas. The way to blossom like a flower that blossoms in spring, is chanting Naam but the only way one can get Naam is if is pre-ordained by Vaheguru jee. Boycott these Yogi Bhajan devil worshippers. The devil, yogi bhajan, says mudras certain hand positions are needed.


Thanks Neo i was looking for that book but couldnt find it earlier. Is there an underlying sakhi to this?

Basant Ki Vaar Question

They have bana but drinkyet that is okay. The third Pauri declares that such Bhagats are beautiful Suhaave who chant Naam, meditate on Naam, and listen to Naam.

Who knows what gaar occurrence had occurred when Guru Sahib jee ended it like this. Another point to note is that this Vaar is the only Vaar, apart from Ramkali kee Vaar, that bassnt not have any Saloks attached to it, even though there are so many Saloks that were left in the pool of Salok Vaara tau Vadheek. For your information there is no devil. Posted April 28, edited. Your content will need to be approved by a moderator.

Posted March 2, Posted April 29, The devil would be kicked out of Amritsar and completely embarrassed before his naive students.

At least the guy is teaching yoga and with it a way to jap naam – yet he is the devil. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.