BCT. Uniden’s analog-only portable Trunktracker scanner with Dynamic Programming Your Uniden Scanner · · BCT Owner’s Manual. ARC Software User Manual 3. 1: INTRODUCTION: ARC is a Windows software package for easy programming and controlling the Uniden BCT. Uniden BTT Scanner Manual. BCT Channel Scanner with Close Call and TrunkTracker III. The Uniden BC T Handheld Scanner features .

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To hold on a channel in a different systempress Hold to hold on any channel. There is too much stuff that is only in the menu; you should be able to access more features like unlocking a channel with just the keypad. To select a menu item, turn the manusl control on top of the scanner clockwise or counterclockwise. This makes it easy to listen to or quickly turn off those systems or groups you don’t want to scan. To use the priority feature, you must first set your conventional priority channels.

Page Page to program your scanner. This scanner trunktracks the msnual types of systems: It became another world and it was thanks to the software.


Trunking systems let a large group of 2-way radio users or even different groups of 2-way radio users efficiently use a set of frequencies. Last updated November 25, I have put together complete worksheets ready manhal print to help you plan your systems, Close Call, and search, etc.

ATT will appear if the conventional channel is attenuated.

Please review those first. Off – you must enter all voice and control channel frequencies. I did get the “freq counter” hidden feature to actually work, FYI.


Trunkscanning is basically scanning IDs that are programmed into ID locations same concept as frequencies into channels.

I’ve spent more money on scanners of lesser quality. It won’t do you any mabual to try to program a trunking system unless you know what the radio needs and is going to do with the data control channel, IDs, LCN order, etc.

Uniden BC246T Owner’s Manual

Uniden Radio Communications Uploaded on Aug 22, Manually Programming Frequencies or IDs. Attenuation can help reduce interference by about 18 dB. One or more channels might be locked out. In Type I systems, size codes are used in different blocks to denote the maximum number of users in that block. Use the instructions in the appropriate section to enter or edit a setting.

Page The Product should be shipped freight prepaid, bc264t traceable means, or delivered, to warrantor at: Set Delay Time for the system sets in seconds the amount of time the scanner stays on a channel after the transmission has ended before moving to the next channel. Planning your systems will be very important even if you do have the software. Each format displays and uses manhal group IDs in slightly different ways. This setting controls whether the scanner will search for a subaudible tone when it stops manuak a transmission during Searching and Close Call search.

Set Step conventional channel only. Storing a Displayed Frequency. For an entire county, use 0. The scanner has a built-in circuit that lets you recharge batteries while they are in the scanner.


Select your setting then press E. Therefore, if a user was transmitting a multi-select call on talkgroupmaanual scanner would actually receive those transmissions on To enter a letterturn the scroll control until the character you want appears. You can scan preprogrammed systems more efficiently by preventing the BCT from scanning systems that are not in your area.

Comments to this Manuals Your Name. The default custom search range names appear as Custom 1Custom 2and so on. In weather alert mode, your scanner functions as a severe weather warning radio.

I was unaware that it came with rechargeable batteries, so that was a pleasant surprise! In most cases, the current menu position appears on the upper line of the menu. At ‘ Select Group ‘ scroll to the group you want to lock or unlock. Public safety radio systems on the same frequency are usually set up at a distance of 40 miles apart, or more.

For a table of all the alerts and the code meanings, click here. Battery Saver – you can set the scanner so it reduces the amount of power it needs if there are no transmissions. Oruse Menu to drill down to the channel options and unlock it there.

This type of system encodes all trunking information as digital subaudible data that accompanies each transmission. And, you should also download and read the release notes that have the instructions on how to apply the upgrade.