The BCD has more fea- tures than we will cover, there- fore we recommend you down- load an electronic copy of the owner’s manual from. User guide • Read online or download PDF • Uniden BCD User Manual • Uniden Scanners. User manual for the device Uniden BCD. Online user manual database.

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Each list can contain up to 10 IDs, so you can store a total of IDs for each trunk bank. Enter Lock – This is the term used for locking the keypad. Multi-track Operational Details Eachgroup of users in a conventional system is assigned a singlefrequency for simplex systems or two frequencies forrepeater systems to use. If you seem to be having communications problems between the scanner and PC, set this setting to a lower value. When scanning, you can turn ID groups onand off with a quick keypress.

The default setting is on.

The scanner automatically starts scanning. To receive any I-Call while scanning, enter the ICall wildcard. Select the trunk programming mode. Assigning a Text Tag Toggling The Status Bit Use the scroll bar to select the memory you want to store the ID into, then press E. In addition, here are a few more of the many features your scanner has.

Uniden BC296D user manual

If you hear the transmission, then the mobile unit is probably within 2 or 3 janual of your location. Replace the cover and press downuntil it clicks into place.


For example, if all emergency calls are set to occur on a specific talk group number then you will not miss the transmission even if you have not programmed amnual the talk group numbers. Many people prefer to read the documents not on the screen, but in the printed version.

To turn on this option for all search ranges: For complete information about a menu option, see the section referencing its use. OFF Data skip is turned off.

You might miss a brief portion of transmissions when held on a channel or frequency, but battery life is extended. Each FIPS code identifies a specific geographic area defined by the National Weather Service so your scanner sounds an alert only when a weather emergency is declared in those locations. Use the scroll bar to select the channel you want to tag, then press E. The range is typically miles, depending upon the terrain and many other factors.

Features and specifications are all subject to change without notice.

Uniden BC296D User Manual

You can save up to 10 custom search ranges in your scanner. The BCD stops scanning and holds on the current trunking system. Setting the Attenuator 2: Setting Beep Alert Getting Bc296f Information Enter the Frequency a. This section outlines these options. Setting Chain Search If a signal is present on a priority channel, the scanner switches to monitor that transmission, even if it had been stopped on another channel.


Seeing Talkgroup Activity Use the scroll bar to select the memory you want to store the ID into, then press E. OFF The scanner opens squelch regardless of the presence of tones.

Uniden BCD Scanner User Manual |

Using This Manual The scanner can be set to either alert for all areas, or only the areas you have programmed. The scannerchecks each system you have programmed that is not lockedout and stops if there is activity.

Enter the frequency and alpha tag for the channel. You may be in a remote area which could require an optional multi-band antenna. This helps you more efficiently track the weather conditions in and around your area. Select the trunk programming mode. This lets you more quickly program the scanner the next time. PLAN4 Use if the highest frequency in the system is below MHz and if the last three digits end in,,or OFF Data mamual is turned off.

Some counties are further subdivided, in which cases, the first digit will be 0 for all subdivisions in the county and each subdivision will be labeled