“MagnificentThis adult fairly tale entertains and delivers a message in the best tradition of the fantasy classics.”– “The Denver Post.”With the critically. Beauty is the daughter of a noble, a father with a wonderful estate but little in the way of attention for his daughter. This is just part of life. Locus Award in for Beauty. Sheri Stewart Tepper (July 16, – October 22, ) was an American writer of science.

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Take Cinderella, for instance.

Review: Beauty by Sheri S. Tepper

I did have to remove two stars from my year old rating. We use cookies to give you the best possible experience. My library Help Advanced Book Search. And so the title character, Beauty, is like a pinball in this great celestial machine, rocketing around from the fourteenth century to the twenty-second, from one realm to another, from reality dheri imagined reality and literally to hell and back.

Aunt Love is sixty. I don”t have anyone much to talk with and only Grumpkin to play with, so Looking for beautiful books? Tepper David G. I really liked it more than I thought I would. So there was a sense of vagueness as It took me a while to finish reading this book In fact, when I was more than half way through, I almost quit, but Jackie encouraged me to finish the story.

Tepper does create the land of Faery as one that is beautiful only for its illusions. Tepper’s ‘Beauty’ creatively retells the tales of a number of recognisable fairytale characters.



Description A magnificent reworking of the Sleeping Beauty story by a master storyteller On her 16th birthday, the princess Beauty sidesteps the sleeping curse placed upon her by her wicked aunt, the fairy Carabosse – only to be kidnapped by visitors from another time and place, far from the picturesque castle in 14th-century England. Tepper came to be recognized as a major science fiction writer.

Little, Big John Crowley. On the upside I did love the twists and Beauty’s family line of fairytale characters especially her granddaughter with no brains.

Sheri S. Tepper

I”ve noticed that about people. Here begin her adventures as she travels magically back and forth in time to visit places both imaginary and real.

Mythago Wood Robert Holdstock. Grandfather”s ship was blown off course in a storm and was taken subsequently by Mamluks, so Grandmama was informed by an escaped survivor.

BEAUTY by Sheri S. Tepper | Kirkus Reviews

Often referred to as an eco-feminist of science fiction literature, Tepper personally preferred the label eco-humanist. Tepper can’t decide whether to warn against a gathering spiritual darkness, lament the collapse of an aesthetic ideal, or thunder against global eco-disaster. Although Tepper’s plots are often complicated and feature many characters some of whom are quite alien, she manages to make the stories easy to follow.

Father Raymond took over teaching me when I was ten or eleven years old, tepepr my earliest memories are of an education supervised by the aunts. Even then I thought some bits and pieces of doctrine were unlikely at best.


Faery is the other major subplot of the book. The Dark Lord or devil is overcoming human ability to hope and create new things making Beauty’s jump into the 21st century as a future filled with despair. I think she could sherri done really interesting things with the time travel, and the idea of fate, which she seemed to just ignore.

You’re actively contributing to your own vision of the end-times. It’s sanctimonious, plodding, and runs a hundred pages too long.

I will try not confessing it for a while, and see. Aunts Bas and Marj are twins of sixty-five. She died on October 22, [3] at age My father never speaks of her, though my aunts, his half sisters, make up for his silence with a loquacity which is as continuous as it is malicious.

And as she travels magically to places both imaginary and real, Beauty eventually comes to understand her special place in humanity’s destiny. Speaking to the Universe”, Locus I’d prefer to read Tepper any day, who is at least interestingly flawed.